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Connected Fleets and Cybersecurity

The introduction of technology and connectivity among fleets is increasing in popularity, as fleet managers are looking to improve their productivity, provide more streamlined operations, and protect their drivers on the road.

One thing to watch out for is fleet cybersecurity risks. Hackers can exploit connected fleets and vehicles if there is no protection for their systems. This lack of protection can drastically affect your drivers' safety and your business' bottom line. While fleet technology is growing, so are the cybersecurity risks for connected fleets. Read more to learn about these threats and how you can prevent them.

How to Reduce Cybersecurity Risks for Fleets

Since your systems can be vulnerable, there are many risks associated with fleet connectivity. Without precautions in place, a hacker can gain access to your sensitive information regarding fleet operations.

Connecting your entire fleet leaves ample opportunities for a security breach. For instance, your fleet system can fall prey to phishing scams and ransomware. Once hackers have access, they can gain control.

Technology can now connects your devices, vehicles, and homes, but this convenience could represent another threat to your fleet's cybersecurity. For example, your fleet probably relies on technology for navigation and fleet management tools. However, without cybersecurity measures in place, a hacker can gain access to this tech and quickly compromise your fleet's system via wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Once a hacker has access to a vehicle, they can easily take over crucial controls like steering, braking and engine power — leaving your driver helpless behind the wheel. 

A hacker can also decide whether they want to change fleet controls or access sensitive company information. Since many fleet systems connect through a hub, minor security breaches can lead to much larger problems if a hacker can get to your bottom-line finances or human resources information.

It all starts with one hacked vehicle, which can allow the threat to spread to the rest of the fleet in a short period. These kinds of attacks can create a loss in monetary investment for many fleet companies, and result in the exact opposite of the technology's stated purpose in lost productivity and decreased safety for your drivers.

How to protect fleets from cybersecurity attacks

How to Protect Fleets from Cybersecurity Attacks

You likely have invested in antivirus software for your home or work computer for safety's sake. The same rationale applies to the vast systems that run fleet operations worldwide. 

Here are a few tips that can help protect connected vehicles from cyberattacks.

  • Inform Yourself Before Installing or Implementing a New System: One way to protect your fleet and your company is to do extensive research on a system before implementing it for your entire fleet. Be cautious about what you install, and ensure the software is genuine and authorized. To decrease the chances of a security breach from a third-party operation, you'll also want to create a fleet-wide security policy prohibiting employees from downloading unauthorized updates. Instruct fleet drivers to adhere to the policy and be cautious about what they download to their vehicles. 
  • Control Who Has Access to the Company Vehicles: When connected vehicles are not in use, take steps to store them in a secure location with restricted access. Employees must have the appropriate authorization to drive fleet vehicles. While we understand it's not always possible for drivers to keep their trucks in a secure location on the road, ensuring their safety is critical if the resources are available.
  • Educate Employees on Scams and What to Look Out For: Practice fleet vehicle cybersecurity by training employees on the dangers of cybersecurity breaches and how to prevent an attack. Employees should be aware of the threats that can directly affect their vehicle and the rest of the fleet. Training can include what to watch for, what a cybersecurity threat might look like, what to do in a given situation, and what not to download on their systems. Informing your fleet is a crucial step to protecting your assets. 
  • Keep the Software Up to Date: Always keep the software and systems updated across the entire fleet. These updates tighten security and protect against threats. A vehicle with outdated software could be a tempting target for cybercriminals. 
  • Ensure Your system has a Cybersecurity Solution in Place: While you should be knowledgeable about your security software, you should also be aware of the precautions that are in place to protect them. Do your research on cybersecurity applications and software to find the best match for you and your fleet. 

Our Fleet Management Software

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative products for the commercial transportation industry. We offer multiple layers of security protection that provide insightful data, asset management, and rapid threat detection for seamless fleet management. 

We recently added a new security technology called Industrial Defender to battle the growing threats associated with connectivity. This automation systems manager works alongside our enterprise security ecosystem to apply security controls safely and effectively through: 

  • Working to understand each device to understand the importance of the individual asset data it provides.
  • Providing need-to-know data in the form of alerts. These can include the device's importance, its location, and who is on call if there is a threat. 
  • Promptly mitigating threats through actionable ICS security and patching data through our passive monitoring.
  • Built-in policy management software.
  • IT and OT collaboration with synced security data.
  • Managed service options.

Key Features of Our ASM Security

  • Asset management
  • Anomaly detection
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Network monitoring and analytics
  • Risk analytics suite
  • Policy management
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Enterprise integrations

Rely on Us for Your Fleet’s Protection

With the increase of connectivity, it is critical to stay up to date and learn about staying protected on the internet. After all, many of us spend most of our day online. Protect your fleet cybersecurity and company assets with our line of products.

Are you interested in investing in your company and its protection? Request a demo today!

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