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Why Fleet Managers Must Listen to Driver Feedback

Encouraging and acting on driver feedback is one of the best ways fleet managers can enhance their business. Drivers are directly involved in daily operations, and they can pinpoint which processes work well and potential improvements. Collecting actionable feedback from drivers enables fleet managers to mitigate known risks and decrease the likelihood of unexpected issues.

Fleet managers need driver feedback to accomplish multiple workplace goals. 

Boost Morale

Listening to drivers' feedback is crucial to morale. If drivers feel their concerns are considered, they are more likely to be happy and motivated on the job. Creating a culture where drivers' opinions are valued can foster a welcoming, positive working environment for all employees. Improved morale can also help decrease work-related stress and overall downtime.

Improve Driver Retention

Driver retention can be challenging for many fleets. When you're short on drivers, you can miss out on job opportunities and get behind on the work you already have. 

When drivers feel valued and heard, they typically enjoy their job and are more likely to stick around. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an organization's responsiveness to employee feedback can lead to higher retention rates for all employees. You can save money on recruiting and training new drivers when you focus on retaining your current employees. 

Increase Productivity

With less turnover and satisfied drivers, you can significantly increase your fleet's productivity. According to research from the University of Oxford in England, workers are 13% more productive when they're happy at work. 

Your operations can also run more smoothly when you have a team of drivers that thoroughly knows your processes. You'll spend less time training new drivers and more time completing your routes.

Enhance Safety

Safety is vital to your fleet's success. Many fleets have safety policies in place to help ensure employees follow best practices. Your safety policies must fit the needs of your specific fleet to be effective. 

As you review and update your safety procedures, it's important to consider driver feedback. Their input can give you a better understanding of where your policies could be improved. 

Without the right safety measures in place, your company could end up losing a significant amount of money. Research from the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) shows that vehicle crashes on and off the job cost employers $72.8 billion in 2018. By incorporating driver feedback into your safety policies, you can help decrease preventable traffic accidents, protect your workers, and save your company money.

How Our Fleet Management Solutions Can Help Your Business

At Rand McNally Fleet, we provide fleet management solutions that give you actionable insights into your operations. You can use our cloud-based software to track and manage your assets and monitor driver behavior. With this information, you can evaluate how your processes are working and make informed business decisions. You can also use the data to improve communication with your drivers through real-time messaging and information-sharing.

We have a comprehensive suite of solutions for fleets of all sizes. Our portable navigation and tracking devices are easy to install, require no hardware, and integrate with our sophisticated software. With our technology, you'll gain meaningful fleet data, eliminating guesswork about which aspects of your fleet management are working. 

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