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The Risks of Not Using Truck-Specific Navigation

Trucking isn’t a new industry, but learning truck navigation best practices and how to navigate the roads and highways of the world hasn’t always been easy. Luckily, newer GPS technology has made it easier than ever to get to your destination safely.

Traditional GPS navigation will map out the most convenient path for a commuter, but it won’t take into account things like weight, height, or cargo restrictions. That means a truck driver who is relying on traditional GPS, such as the app that came pre-installed on their cell phone, is putting themselves and their cargo in jeopardy.

Learn more about the benefits of truck specific navigation with Rand McNally and see how our navigation software can help your fleet stay safe on the road.

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Commercial GPS vs. Personal GPS

Traditional GPS, such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, has a lot of features. They can tell the driver the fastest way to reach their destination, the speed limit for the stretch of highway that they’re traveling down, where tolls are necessary, and even if there are any accidents on their planned route. This is usually more than enough for the average commuter, but truck drivers need more information to safely transport their cargo. These GPS tools don’t calculate tolls based on the weight and size of the truck, and can’t determine whether the route is suitable for the particular load being carried.

Truck GPS, on the other hand, offers information on potentially dangerous obstacles in the path. It also enables drivers to input their vehicle dimensions for calculating tolls and choosing routes that are safe to drive. Additionally, these devices can keep track of important information like hours in motion, stops, mileage, and breaks. Truck-specific GPS can also offer information on diesel prices, parking space locations, and even traffic and weather updates.

Risks of Not Using Truck-Specific Navigation for Truck Routes

What are the downsides of trying to use a standard GPS device for truck routes?

  • The driver could harm themselves, their vehicles, or their cargo by traversing a restricted area.
  • The driver could destroy public or private property, such as bridges or overpasses, by trying to navigate them in a truck that is too tall or heavy.
  • Fuel costs may be higher because the truck isn’t taking an optimal route.
  • Traditional GPS doesn’t provide the ability to monitor speeding, excessive idling, or other important metrics.
  • Traditional GPS often loses the information necessary to accurately track drivers.
  • Drivers experience a higher frequency of ticketing for a range of different violations.
  • Excessive and costly downtime from damaged vehicles.
  • Fleet managers, safety directors, and truck drivers can all avoid these issues by trusting in a truck GPS system over more traditional models.

Rand McNally Navigation Software

When you need a reliable and trustworthy navigation software for your drivers and technicians, rely on Rand McNally to provide you with the systems you need.

By choosing Rand Navigation you're getting:

Detailed 3D Mapping:

Drivers will see three-dimensional buildings and landmarks on their maps when passing through cities and other populated areas. An optional map overlay lists vehicle and map details like speed, deirection, current road conditions, time, and other information at a glance.

Map Previews and Lane Guidance:

Trucking navigation software advises drivers when they're approaching road junctions or upcoming exists with map previews.

Real-Time Map Updates:

Drivers can plan routes using the most up-to-date information on traffic and weather conditions. With knowledge of potential delays and road closures, they can better detemine accurate arrival times for their shipments.

Route Warnings and Alerts:

Drivers will be alerted to upcoming road work, toll booths, speed changes, steep grades, and other dangerous road conditions with visual and audible alerts.

Intelligent Truck Routing:

Drivers can program up to ten stops per trip and determinate and optimal route that saves them the most time and money. Rand Navigation will do the math for them and calculate the fastest routes based on truck weight, clearance, load restrictions, and other parameters.

Explore the Rand McNally navigation devices to find the right system for your drivers.

Other Benefits of Rand Navigation

Rand McNally's fleet navigation software offers more insights than the GPS found on standard phones or tablets. With fleet navigation software, fleets from all industries can utilize:

  • Virtual Dashboard: Access key metrics important to your fleet such as current driving time and yard time.
  • Fuel Prices and Log: View fuel prices for different stations on the map, then track fuel purchases and calculate fuel economy.
  • Service Alerts: Set service and maintenance alerts for your vehicles.
  • Traffic: View traffic patterns by the day of the week/time and construction updates, even in rural areas.
  • Warnings: Set warnings for speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more.
  • Weather: Show the current forecast, alerts, and weather updates. 
  • Toll Costs: View estimated toll costs, compare routes without tolls, and plan your routes to lower costs.
  • RoadWork Updates: View major construction projects along your route, and calculate detours as necessary.

Reach Out to Learn More

Rand McNally offers navigation for all types of industries through various devices. With data from over 80 years in trucking, Rand Navigation is the premier truck navigation software for commercial fleets and professional drivers. Reach out to our customer service team with your questions, or request a pricing demo for our technology today.

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