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How Fleet Management Will Change Post-COVID

Fleet-based businesses worked hard to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as industries adjust to a post-COVID world, fleet companies must find ways to face the financial and logistical challenges that emerged with the COVID-19 disease. Many fleet businesses may need to rethink aspects of their operations to recover from the pandemic. Several post-COVID fleet management trends are emerging as businesses work to find the best recovery solutions, read more about them and find the right solution for your business.

Budget Cuts

COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions resulted in major profit losses for many fleet-based businesses. Going forward, companies will need to be more strategic about how they use their assets.

Businesses will need to rely on their fleet data to identify cost-saving opportunities to make these important financial decisions. For example, route optimization software can help fleet companies save on fuel expenses by finding the best routes and the nearest vehicles to dispatch.

Sizing Changes

At the start of the pandemic, many fleet businesses sold vehicles to offset unexpected expenses and profit loss. As the world is opening back up, fleets may find that they need adjust the size of their fleet to keep up with increasing demand. 

Depending on your business, now may be the time to grow your fleet strategically. As you determine the right mix of short- and long-term vehicles, it's important to find flexible solutions that let your business adjust to changing demands while keeping costs down.

Vehicle Maintenance Enhancements

Keeping your vehicles in top condition is crucial to ensuring your fleet runs smoothly. By stepping up your maintenance, you can avoid costly downtime from vehicle repairs.

Preventive maintenance service will catch problems before they become extensive. If you fit your fleet with monitoring devices, you can track vehicle health and make more informed maintenance decisions.

Driver Welfare Focus

The pervasive nature of COVID-19 means it's more crucial than ever for fleets to prioritize the health and safety of their drivers. Taking preventive measures like wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing shared spaces while on the job can help create a safer work environment. 

With the uncertainty of a post-pandemic world, it's essential to pay attention to your staff's well-being. Creating a welcoming work environment is a simple, effective way to boost morale and help workers feel safe. Making adjustments to work terms — like offering more sick time and providing employee exchange programs — can also give employees peace of mind knowing they have the resources to manage COVID-19 challenges.

Operational Flexibility

The pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of life. As you strategize for your company's future, your customers are also adapting to new business realities. That's why it's crucial to remain as flexible as possible as you develop your post-COVID fleet management plans. Having strategies in place for both dips and surges in demand can help you adjust to unexpected changes quickly and effectively. 

Let Us Help You Manage Your Fleet Post COVID

Let us take the stress out of managing your fleet in a post-COVID world. We offer a comprehensive fleet management platform and other fleet products and services to help your business save time and money. You'll find solutions for tracking, analytics, productivity, and compliance that you can use to make informed decisions that improve your fleet's bottom line. Submit an online contact form to learn more about our fleet management solutions.

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