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Your Guide to Construction Fleet Management Software

Managing construction fleets takes a lot of time and energy, but keeping your projects on schedule can become challenging when you’re struggling against high material costs and have poor visibility into your fleet’s daily operations. Tracking down equipment, manually monitoring maintenance schedules, or finding stolen assets is costly and time-consuming — distracting you from managing your projects and leading to delays.  

By using construction fleet management software — also known as a fleet management platform — and heavy equipment tracking, you can streamline operations with automated workflows and quickly find the information, assets, and equipment you need to complete your projects on time. Learn how a fleet management platform can innovate the way you manage your business. 

Why Use Construction Fleet Management Software? 

When you manage a fleet with paper documents and spreadsheets, information can be misplaced, unorganized, or out of date. By using construction fleet management software, you can organize your information easily so it’s accessible and available whenever you need it.

Construction fleet management software allows you to: 

  • Helps you keep track of equipment across one site or multiple sites. 
  • Improves safety. 
  • Gives better insight into your project details. 
  • Helps recover stolen assets. 
  • Helps monitor & maintain equipment. 
  • Gives visibility into job site conditions. 
  • Provides vehicle data to help reduce maintenance costs. 

By implementing a cloud-based fleet management platform — like the Rand Platform — fleet managers can keep better track of their fleets and their projects for a more successful business. 

The Benefits of Construction Fleet Management Software 

There are many benefits that come with integrating construction fleet management software into your business. From locating your equipment to improving safety, learn more about each below. 

Find Your Equipment Faster 

Whether you have a large or small construction fleet, finding your vehicles, equipment, trailers, and other assets is difficult when they’re spread across multiple job sites. By using heavy equipment tracking and construction fleet tracking software, managers can quickly find their assets when they need them, without making phone calls or physically walking around construction sites.  

Construction fleet tracking software allows you to:

  • Monitor equipment location & how it’s being used. 
  • Efficiently manage equipment inventory. 
  • Find equipment faster. 
  • Recover stolen equipment. 
  • Prevent unauthorized use
  • Take job site inventory instantly. 

We help our customers find their equipment with our easy—to—install telematics hardware and our cloud-based Rand Platform. Devices like the GX6, TrueTrack® W110, TrueTrack® S110, and the AssetTracker B100™ will send you automated pings of your equipment’s location, whether they’re in use or not. 

Get Mileage & Time-Based Maintenance Reminders 

Your fleet vehicles and equipment require regular maintenance to run properly. However, using manual logs can become time-consuming and cumbersome when you need to quickly look up a vehicle’s health history report.  

Construction fleet maintenance software allows you to:

  • Easily set maintenance reminders. 
  • View equipment history. 
  • Access equipment health and operation statistics. 
  • Compare the efficiency and operation of different pieces of equipment. 
  • Monitor & reduce idle time. 
  • Identify equipment that should be retired. 

The Rand Platform is designed to give you up-to-date information on all your assets. Simply add your vehicles or equipment to the platform and you can create detailed notes on an asset’s history, current status, and future maintenance needs. You can even use data gathered from the GX6 for a comprehensive look at your vehicle’s or equipment’s health, use, and operation. 

Improve Safety 

Safety is a factor many construction fleet managers need to consider when planning their projects. By implementing construction fleet software with dash cams, managers can observe equipment use, better train their drivers and operators, and be alerted and respond to accidents when they occur.  

Construction fleet management software allows you to:

  • Address dangerous driving/operating with automated alerts when risky behavior is detected. 
  • Prevent collisions before they occur with proactive coaching
  • Prevent vehicle and equipment misuse. 
  • Exonerate drivers/operators in the event of an accident or litigation. 
  • Gain visibility into a job site through the front-facing camera. 

Improving fleet safety is easy when you rely on us. With our RVT MV/AI Camera, you can have a view of the road and your drivers/operators inside the cab. Integrated with the Rand Platform, the RVT AI Camera can alert drivers and operators of risky behavior with audible and visual cues, offers live-video streaming, and allows drivers to send and auto-upload safety events for manager review. A safer work environment leads to higher employee retention, which is critical in the face of the current labor shortage

Our Fleet Management Software & Devices 

We offer solutions for construction fleets of all sizes. Our products save time, improve safety, track assets, and support construction workforces with ease. Read more about our cloud-based fleet management platform and devices below. 

Rand Platform: The Rand Platform is a single, integrated fleet management system designed to collect and analyze real-time data from vehicles, equipment, and drivers/operators. This allows you to make smarter business decisions, allocate resources more effectively, and respond to unexpected challenges using the latest information available.  

GX6: Integrated with the Rand Platform, the GX6 tracks assets and equipment while collecting data from vehicles. Whether you need to find an asset or check on the health of your equipment, the GX6 can give you the information you need.  

RVT MV/AI Camera: This 2-way dash cam provides visibility of the road as well as in the cab. Using market-leading Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence, our fleet dash cam eliminates false alerts and provides coaching to drivers and machine operators.  

TrueTrack ® W110: A wired asset tracker, the TrueTrack® W110 is integrated with the Rand Platform to provide end-to-end asset and equipment tracking for customers. It pings with the asset location every two minutes when it detects that the ignition is on. 

TrueTrack ® S110: Weather-resistant and built for tough jobs, the TrueTrack® S110 is an asset and equipment tracker that sends location pings every 30 minutes when the asset is moving, and one location ping every 24 hours when the asset is not moving. The TrueTrack® S110 is certified with the highest rating of IP69K, to protect against high temperatures, dust, and high-pressure water. It can operate up to 90 days between charges. 

AssetTracker B100™: Similar to the TrueTrack® S110, the AssetTracker B100™ sends one location ping every 12 hours when the asset is moving, and one location ping every 24 hours when the asset is not moving. The battery-powered AssetTracker B100™ has a 5-year battery life. 

Get the Products You Need for Your Fleet  

If you’re ready to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time actively managing your construction crew, we're is here to help. Contact one of our representatives to request a demo and see how the Rand Platform and our devices can make your fleet more productive.  

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