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5 Tips for Implementing Fleet Dash Cams

Whether you have a delivery fleet, an oil and gas fleet, or a construction fleet, dash cams can offer a number of advantages for your daily operations. In addition to improving safety and offering valuble driver insight, they can also exonerate a driver in the event of an accident.

Read our 5 tips for implementing fleet dash cams and learn how our video telematics solution can benefit your business.

1. Have a Camera Use Policy

First, you should develop guidelines for managers and drivers on how to use fleet dash cams and what is expected from them when they're in use. These guidelines will help managers and drivers understand why video telematics are being used and why they're good for your fleet. You can also incorporate this information into other policies or offer an individual dash cam program handbook. Policies should cover:

  • System purposes
  • Data and video usage
  • Driver responsibilities
  • Manager responsibilities
  • Use for accident investigation
  • Benchmarks for driving performance

2. Introduce the System to Drivers

Introduce the system in a group setting such as a meeting or a conference for the best results. Providing all the information at one time allows for clear communication from the source. Explain the reason for the system, take the time to answer questions, and address any concerns. Key topics you should cover include:

  • Why you're using dash cams for the fleet
  • Benefits of using telematics
  • How the system works
  • Overview of the data collected 
  • Rules related to the system
  • Definition and consequences of unsafe driving
  • Impacts of the data gathered 
  • Policies about disconnecting the system

3. Set Benchmarks

To effectively implement dash cams into your fleet, you will need to set goals for each driver. Inform employees that there will be a short testing or grace period, such as two days, for them to get used to the system. Then, have a safety manager sit down with each employee and personally explain how the system captured their data. Discuss the driver's habits and create a customized approach for using best practices while driving. 

A personalized benchmark creates a goal-oriented focus. Some employees may also feel more comfortable asking questions in a private environment. Give employees the opportunity to offer feedback on the dash cam after receiving automatic and in-person coaching from the system. This framework sets clear expectations and provides room for improvement. 

4. Create an Incentive Program

Secure the best results for your investment by getting your employees on board with a reward program. Consider using scorecards for identifying and rewarding driver performance, then keep monthly and fleetwide safety averages so you can quickly reference data over time. 

Use the captured video from dash cams as a learning tool for coaching drivers and providing educational resources on common issues and concerns. Rewarding drivers who demonstrate excellent habits with gift cards or other incentives is a great way to encourage your employees to adopt the system and get the whole team on board.

5. Share Success Stories

Create a positive environment, encourage safe driving, and enhance the desire for rewards by sharing success stories. For example, you might share when objective evidence captured by the cameras shows an employee wasn't at fault in an accident. You could also consider sharing a weekly example of good driving to keep employees engaged and motivated. Celebrating the system's value will build their appreciation of it.

Find Your Video Telematics Solution

Our video telematics solution can help you protect your fleet's assets, prevent avoidable incidents, and exonerate drivers in the event of an accident. When you choose Rand video telematics you'll enjoy:

Improved Safety:

Our dual-facing camera offers the ability to monitor situations like tailgating, collision detection, unsafe cornering, harsh braking, and sudden speed increases.

Increased Visibility:

Whether you have a local fleet, a construction fleet, or and oil and gas fleet, our video telematics will help you with an extra set of eyes on the worksite. Live video streaming from dual road-facing and driver-facing cameras will also provide real-time insights into road conditions and driver behavior.

Quick & Easy Insights:

Our AI-powered camera provides valuble insights to help protect your bottom line. Sophisticated technology streamlines alerts, providing insight without requiring too much time or effort.

Runs on the Rand Platform:

Our single integrated fleet management system is designed to collect and analyze real-time data from vehicles, drivers, and equipment. The Rand Platform makes it easy to track your vehicles and assets from one platform, so you can support your workers no matter where they are in the field. 

See the Benefits of Dash Cams at Work in Your Fleet

Explore our advanced video telematics technology to support your fleet operations. Our dedicated team will help you outfit your fleet with cameras that will protect your drivers and your assets. Contact us to learn more about Rand video telematics and get a demo today.

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