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How to Create a Driver Rewards Program

Drivers are vital to your fleet operations. No matter what you're moving, it takes reliable workers to get products, shipments, and other loads from point A to point B. You want to retain as many drivers as possible, so setting up a driver rewards program is beneficial for success on all fronts.

There are several advantages to starting a driver rewards program. Doing so helps to prioritize safety on the road and encourages the best driving habits.

What is a Driver Rewards Program?

A driver rewards program gets workers to understand and follow safety tips. The goal of these efforts is to let drivers know you appreciate hard work and dedication to cautious driving. Workers who are acknowledged for following the rules set a great example for new hires as well as those who have been with your company for years.

Though designing the right driver rewards program takes time, it is key to keeping your operational costs to a minimum. These initiatives are also important for keeping the drivers you train on your side rather than moving to the competition.

Benefits of a Driver Rewards Program

Notable benefits of implementing a driver rewards program include:

  1. Reduce driver turnover.
  2. Boost driver motivation for completing on-time deliveries.
  3. Follow the regulatory guidelines of your industry.
  4. Prevent driver collisions and rising insurance premiums.
  5. Put safety initiatives at the core of company culture.
  6. Protect your company's reputation and bottom line.

How to Create a Driver Rewards Program

There are a few best practices to follow when drawing up a driver rewards program:

1. Set Specific Goals

A driver rewards program is only useful when you know which driver behaviors call for improvements. Your goals could be more general or based on a recent incident. Goals that are based around safety might relate to idling, harsh braking, or speeding.

You will need a way to track data after implementing a driver rewards program. Fleet telematics hardware is an effective way to evaluate driver behaviors. Record information about vehicles and drivers using plug-and-play technology that rides inside the cabin.

2. Involve All Employees and Communicate

Make sure all departments are aware of the program. Your expectations for driver performance should be clear, so make sure employees understand how they are being measured. Invest in a fleet management platform that allows drivers to see their own analytics. This capability is helpful for following individual progress.

3. Select the Right Rewards

Drivers need something to look forward to when following your program, so select driver rewards that will motivate your employees. You could ask drivers about the types of rewards they would be most interested in. Think about cash bonuses, extra time off, and gift cards to get started.

4. Share Driver Successes

Find the time to meet with drivers and reflect on their successes. Top-performing drivers could receive a shoutout in an employee newsletter. Additionally, think about how often you will distribute driver rewards. It is recommended that you issue rewards more than once per year to maintain driver interest.

5. Seek Out Feedback

There is always room for improvement with a driver rewards program. Remember that your program is centered around the drivers themselves. After launching the program, try creating a survey to see what you can do to tweak rewards or make it more appealing. Anonymous surveys are an easy way to determine whether employees like a rewards program in its current form.

Use Fleet Management Tools for Safe Driving

You will need reliable fleet management hardware and software to roll out a driver rewards program. We can help you track driver metrics with a variety of telematics solutions for fleet vehicles. You can request pricing details for any of our products by contacting our team today.

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