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Fleet Tips for 2023

Another year is coming with opportunities for fleet managers to achieve new goals. The industry's current trends have many fleets aiming to improve aspects like safety, sustainability and savings. These areas share common aspects, so making strides toward all three is possible with the right approach and tools. Rand McNally is here to help you get started. 

8 Fleet Manager Tips for 2023

Fleet managers need to consider their staff and assets and make plans for achieving success. These eight fleet tips for 2023 can help you manage it all and see next year become one of your most successful yet. 

1. Know Your Total Cost of Ownership

Finding opportunities to save starts with a thorough audit of your total cost of ownership (TCO). Take some time to go over the aspects that cost you the most money, such as assets, fuel charges, staffing and insurance. Having a way to see these factors clearly before the start of the new year and monitor them throughout will help you set and track fleet goals. 

2. Audit Your Processes 

Internal audits will be as important as ever in 2023. Regulators will have high expectations for safety and compliance in your warehouse and on the road. Violations are costly, so assess your daily processes to ensure they are up to relevant standards. 

3. Focus on Driver Retention

Employee shortages have been a major concern for fleets recently. Having the numbers to keep up with the workload is essential for reaching various productivity, safety and efficiency goals. To keep your staff, show each driver that you value them with perks like higher wages, promotion opportunities and performance incentives. 

4. Plan on Supply Chain Issues

Ongoing supply chain disruptions may make it more difficult to acquire the materials you need to run effective fleets. It's more important than ever to keep track of your vehicle's maintenance needs so you can get ahead when ordering replacement parts. Act early so that a slow supply chain doesn't hold your fleet back. 

5. Track Fuel Usage and Costs

Implementing a reliable system for tracking the amount of fuel you use and how much you spend filling your vehicles can make a huge difference. Detailed fuel data will ensure you know how much you should expect to pay so that you can recognize efficiency problems when they occur. Plus, tracking fuel expenses will help you meet all International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) requirements. 

6. Promote Safety and Accountability

2023 is the year to make a significant push for driver safety improvements. As a fleet manager, you have an opportunity to foster a culture where every driver understands how to balance efficiency and safety so that every trip goes smoothly. Running a fleet requires effort and accountability from drivers and managers alike. You should practice proactive driver coaching so that everyone knows the safety expectations and how to meet them. 

7. Monitor Driver Performance 

Tracking your trucks can provide insight into each driver's efficiency and safety performance. You can use the information you gain to reward top performers and find teaching opportunities for drivers falling behind your standards. Overall, monitoring driver performance helps you make various improvements and increases the capabilities of your team. 

8. Invest in Advanced Technology

Fleet management technology is more powerful than ever in 2023. It can give you immediate access to data you can use to plan substantial fleet improvements. The best fleet management programs enable fleet managers to track driver performance, record fuel expenses, monitor asset maintenance needs and more within one convenient platform. 

Choose Rand McNally's Fleet Management Platform 

At Rand McNally, we create a full suite of personalized solutions for fleets of all sizes. Our tools deliver the data fleet managers need to set, monitor, and exceed their goals. 

The Rand McNally Fleet Portal is a flexible, scalable fleet management platform that combines cutting-edge software with flexible hardware devices. The system collects crucial data and presents it through a clean, user-friendly interface that encourages swift decision-making. Now, it's easier than ever to improve performance, ensure driver safety, reduce labor costs and cut down on fuel consumption. Our devices are easy to install, and our support team is available 24/7. 

Use the Rand McNally Fleet Portal for functions like: 

  • Driver and vehicle analytics.
  • IFTA and DVIR reporting. 
  • HOS compliance. 
  • Navigation.
  • Job verification or proof of delivery.
  • GPS asset tracking.

To learn more fleet management tips for 2023 or request pricing, contact our team.

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