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ELD Benefits Beyond Compliance: Why Your Fleet Needs ELDs

9 Benefits of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Beyond Compliance

An electronic logging device (ELD) allows you to gain maximum insight into what drivers and vehicles do. Fleet management professionals should be using ELDs to streamline processes, but there are also numerous other ways you can use the technology to set new goals and keep your business running efficiently.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) demands that most fleets use ELDs. Following this rule ensures your business sees all the benefits of ELDs on both short- and long-distance trips:

1. Improve CSA Scores

Drivers should only be behind the wheel for a certain amount of hours. One of the main benefits of ELDs for fleets is that decision-makers can access driver logs electronically and see how long someone has been driving to reduce the likelihood of a violation or collision.

Safe driving is the fastest way to improve CSA scores so your fleet company can take on new opportunities and maintain an excellent reputation in your industry.

2. Better Navigation and Routing

GPS tracking capabilities are a leading reason why fleets should use ELDs. Along with knowing where your drivers are at all times, you can monitor the location of expensive assets. GPS tracking functions let you see which drivers are on task following appropriate routes and prevent your workers from embarking on side trips that could result in insurance liabilities.

This technology eliminates the need to contact drivers for updates, as you can see location information in real time. Manage routes as you see fit for repeat success. Fleet management personnel can also stop acts of theft thanks to ELDs — if someone steals a vehicle or trailer, you will be the first to know.

3. Minimize Paperwork

Written logbooks leave room for human error. Using ELDs is a proactive way to eliminate manual paperwork loads since you will be relying on devices inside your vehicles to track movement. With an ELD, there is zero need to write a driver's hours of service, organize records, and keep documents in filing cabinets.

With more time available, fleet managers can focus more on strengthening customer relationships rather than completing administrative tasks in an office.

4. Lower Fleet Repair Costs

Some ELDs plug into a vehicle's diagnostic port, which means the technology can search for fault codes while drivers are on the road. Learning about vehicle issues before a breakdown gives you a chance to plan for maintenance and repairs.

Planning preventive service is a great way to reduce spending, as you can address problems while they're still manageable. You'll receive an alert any time something urgent comes up during a delivery. You'll want to pay attention to any recurring fault codes so you can plan for upcoming trips.

5. Prioritize Safety

The FMCSA estimates that roughly 1,844 vehicle crashes are prevented yearly thanks to ELDs. These devices help fleet managers learn the status of trucks and understand driver behaviors. If a vehicle is unfit for the road, decision-makers can remove that vehicle from the rotation.

ELD benefits for fleets also include the ability to see how drivers are operating a vehicle. The technology will record instances when drivers are speeding, braking suddenly, idling, and burning through fuel. Fleet managers can then schedule training sessions with employees who need to adjust their behaviors to help them stay safe on the clock.

6. Reduce Liabilities

In some cases, it is hard to prove who is at fault after a crash. ELDs can help to reduce the number of lawsuits faced by a fleet management company. If a commercial driver did not cause a collision, the ELD data can serves as evidence toward your case. You'll be able to prove your driver was following the speed limit and demonstrating safe practices at the time of an accident.

7. Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance providers love to see fleet companies using ELDs. It is common for insurance companies to provide lower rates to businesses that use this technology. ELDs show that you are dedicated to keeping drivers safe year-round, so competitive insurance premiums are a reward for your efforts. ELDs are also known for their GPS tracking capabilities, so you may receive a better insurance rate because you are lowering the risk of asset theft.

8. Raise Profits

Purchasing ELDs makes it simple to boost your return on investment. By reducing your chances of accidents, lowering insurance rates, and prioritizing vehicle maintenance, you leave room for substantial savings. The fewer liabilities and operational costs you have surrounding your business, the better. Balance out the budgeting sheet with ease and keep drivers on board to reach your goals.

9. Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Drivers waste fuel when they idle. With ELDs inside vehicle cabins, you can identify which of your employees are allowing vehicles to run when they are not in use. Get the technology you need to inform workers when behavioral changes are required and you could end up saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future.

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