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Safe Driver Week with Rand McNally

Operation Safe Driver Week: How Rand McNally's Technology Makes a Difference

Welcome to Operation Safe Driver Week! Initiated by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CSVA), this week’s focus is to improve driving behaviors for both passenger vehicle drivers and commercial motor vehicle drivers. From July 7th to 13th, 2024, the CSVA will be conducting an awareness and outreach campaign that involves educational efforts and traffic enforcement strategies aimed at reducing high-risk behaviors behind the wheel. Law enforcement officers will be vigilant in identifying unsafe drivers, issuing citations or warnings to encourage safer driving habits.

Why do we need Operation Safe Driver?

The statistics surrounding driving behaviors are alarming:

Given these stats, it’s clear that reducing high-risk driving behaviors through enforcement and education is essential to making our roadways safer.

Rand McNally's Commitment to Safety

At Rand McNally, we understand the critical role that technology and coaching play in promoting safe driving habits. Our advanced fleet management solutions are designed to support drivers and fleet managers in maintaining high safety standards. Here’s how our technology makes a difference:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Our fleet management systems monitor driving behaviors, including speed, harsh braking, and acceleration. This immediate feedback allows fleet managers to identify risky driving patterns and address them promptly.

  1. Comprehensive Driver Coaching

Beyond monitoring, Rand McNally’s solutions include comprehensive tools that managers can use to coach drivers. These tools analyze driving data and generate reports that highlight areas for improvement. Fleet managers can use these reports to provide targeted coaching, ensuring that drivers are well-informed about safe driving practices. Regular coaching sessions based on this data can lead to significant improvements in driver performance.

One standout feature is our SafetyDirect platform, which has demonstrated significant results in driver behavior improvement. For instance, in one fleet, drivers who were coached saw a 65% reduction in distance alert events over 12 months. Continued coaching has led to an overall 76% reduction in such events, indicating the long-term benefits of consistent driver coaching.

  1. Enhanced Navigation and Route Planning

Efficient navigation and route planning are essential for reducing stress and preventing risky behaviors such as speeding and abrupt lane changes. Rand McNally’s navigation systems are equipped with up-to-date maps and traffic information, allowing drivers to choose the safest and most efficient routes. This technology helps drivers avoid congested areas and potential hazards, contributing to overall road safety. Debuting this year, the All-New Rand Tablet offers more safety features, data, and and a new UI specifically for commercial drivers.  


Operation Safe Driver Week highlights the role of technology and driver coaching in promoting safer driving habits. Rand McNally’s fleet management solutions, with real-time monitoring, coaching tools, and enhanced navigation, are proven to reduce high-risk behaviors and make our roads safer. By leveraging these technologies, fleet managers can ensure that their drivers are well-equipped to contribute to the goals of Operation Safe Driver Week and beyond. Together, we can make a significant impact on road safety and save lives.

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