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5 Fleet Management Tasks That Can Be Automated

Being responsible for scheduling workdays and maintaining productivity means fleet managers must prioritize carefully to get everything done. Fortunately, some fleet management tasks can be automated to support these roles. Automation solutions offer many benefits, including access to accurate, real-time information with little to no error. Streamlining a manager's to-do list helps processes move on to the next step efficiently. 

Automation offers the ultimate method of organization for fleet information within this complex industry. Successful management involves considering many factors, such as compliance, navigation, maintenance, and performance of drivers and vehicles. Knowing how to automate fleet management tasks lets you gather and analyze this data on one digital platform for your convenience.

If you're looking to improve your fleet uptime, technologies with artificial intelligence offer an ideal solution. Today's advanced technologies allow for automated data collection, analysis, and processes for all of your company's needs. Learn more about how automated fleet management can streamline your operations for these five fleet management tasks.

1. Timeline Planning

Comprehensive route technology provides automatic scheduling to keep your fleet running smoothly. Considerations like business hours and preferred time slots for deliveries and appointments all get factored into routes. Driver apps then plot the fastest transportation methods and redirect drivers as necessary for moving cargo and vehicles fluidly to each destination point. Benefit from these automated updates to ensure your fleet drivers take the quickest, most cost-effective routes: 

  • Real-time traffic
  • Weather conditions
  • Delivery requests
  • Accident occurrences

2. Mileage Tracking

Tasks that fleet management software automates include real-time mileage tracking for trailers, trucks, and other critical assets. For example, many of today's companies gather information about mileage with electronic logging technology, small devices that plug into a vehicle's diagnostic port and continuously provide updated data. Automated mileage tracking can offer numerous advantages:

  • Promoting increased driver accountability through performance logs
  • Recording vehicle information to support preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Displaying accurate vehicle locations and transportation times
  • Noting vehicle movement or stagnancy

3. Maintenance Scheduling

Advanced programming captures every second of vehicle data to stay up to date on fleet conditions. This data can generate notifications informing you when a vehicle needs service, letting you catch and correct issues early before they require a major repair. The technology automatically arranges regular preventive maintenance such as inspections to keep all operations running smoothly before a situation arises. Maintenance-related fleet management tasks that can be automated involve monitoring the following:

  • Fuel rate
  • Engine speed
  • Coolant pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Vehicle speed
  • Oil pressure
  • Boost pressure
  • Gallons per hour
  • Average fuel economy
  • Lifetime fuel economy 

4. Driving Assessments

Automatic driver assessment methods like a dual-facing dash camera or driving app capture data about employee performance. Safe driving ensures drivers, vehicles, and cargo reach their destinations safely. Conversely, driving habits like harsh braking can contribute to a need for more frequent maintenance and higher repair costs. Save money and protect your fleet by capturing records of these poor driving patterns so you can address them with your drivers:

  • Sudden braking
  • Speeding
  • Collisions
  • Tailgating
  • Poor cornering
  • Excess idling

5. Accounting Calculations

Automating fleet management tasks related to accounting can improve office efficiency. Save money on labor costs when technologies consistently complete required tasks for you. The programmed systems deliver near-real-time data on fuel expenses, vehicle maintenance costs, and employee planning budgets so you can streamline your operations and identify potential improvements. Optimize your fleet with the following automated processes:

  • Calculated state-by-state mileage breakdowns
  • Auditing of fuel tax records and driver logs
  • Calculated driver pay
  • Confirmed bills of lading

Automate Tasks with The Rand Platform

Rand McNally offers solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. The Rand Platform is a fleet management software program that makes it easy to automate tasks while monitoring and supporting your workforce from a single user-friendly portal. With the Rand Platform, you can:

  • Track and monitor your vehicles with real-time insights to improve efficiency.
  • Track and monitor equipment and other assets important to your business.
  • Monitor driving behavior to better coach your team.
  • View vehicle metrics with data regarding fuel usage, fault codes, idling, and more.
  • Get alerts via geofencing when your vehicles or equipment leave or enter a pre-defined area.
  • Improve safety with 2-way road- and cab-facing cameras that will help protect your company and your team.
  • Customize and automate workflows with a no-code builder to fit your business needs.
  • Gain more insight into your business's daily operation to make data-driver decisions.

Plus, the Rand Platform can be tailored to meet the needs of your fleet, so you can access the information you need on demand.

Automate Your Fleet Tasks with Rand McNally

Whether you're part of a long-haul company or a local delivery service, automating your fleet management tasks with the Rand Platform has the potential to increase your uptime and improve your bottom line. To explore how to incorporate automation solutions, reach out to the industry leaders at Rand McNally.

Rand McNally provides streamlined processes to improve fleet safety and performance. View your automated data collection and analysis results in one place to facilitate reporting, comparing data, and reviewing historical information. Portable solutions such as electronic logging equipment, navigation devices, apps, and asset trackers display accurate documentation on a customizable fleet management platform dashboard for convenient viewing.

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