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Tell Rand: Customizing Warnings

Every day, Rand McNally customers submit hundreds of “Tell Rand” messages with questions, tips, and new ideas. Our mapping and product development teams review this feedback regularly. Here the heads of those departments respond to one driver’s comment.

Could you use icons with the voice instead of covering the entire screen? It’s a bit disconcerting when I get a curve warning and I lose my view and can’t “see” what is coming up and where it is. If you’ve already written these in, please let me know how to get at it.


Your suggestion is a good one. While we want to make sure important warnings are conveyed clearly, we also want the TND to be as useful as it can be, which sometimes means minimizing distractions. After receiving a few similar comments from other drivers via Tell Rand, we decided to make the warnings more customizable. Under Truck Tools > Warnings, you can set the visual warnings to display as the usual full screen or as a small bar at the bottom. (See below for pictures of the setting and how the small bar appears.) And of course you can also set audio warnings and specify distances to curves, hills, state borders, time zone changes, etc.

Thanks for Telling Rand,
Dave and John

TND small bar



TND warnings