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Tell Rand: Importing Addresses

Every day, Rand McNally customers submit hundreds of “Tell Rand” messages with questions, tips, and new ideas. Our mapping and product development teams review this feedback regularly. Here the heads of those departments respond to one driver’s comment.


I’ve made a csv file of terminals and drop lots. In the 510 that I have, I would be able to look up any of these locations, and be able to navigate to any. I was thinking that I could put all these locations into an address book in the TND 520, but was looking for a way to import these instead of entering each location separately. Is this possible?



Yes, it’s now possible to transfer an entire address book from one TND to another. In fact, you can also transfer address books from other devices, or upload other lists of locations in csv files to your TND. Look for “Add Locations” on the Rand McNally Dock. The POI feature there has always allowed for custom POIs to be added, and you can select specific icons and set announcements on the device.

More recently, we’ve added a similar capability with the address book. Upload any csv file, whether it’s an address book from another device or a file you’ve built yourself, via the Dock. The TND allows you to create address book groups and customize folder colors. (Tip: If you have a gpx file, there are some easy web tools that can convert it into a csv format.)

We’re also going to add some more information on address books to our support FAQs.

Thanks for Telling Rand,
Dave and John