The most patriotic town of Fairborn, Ohio is located immediately adjacent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base. As the wife of an Air Force Officer I can attest to the extent of patriotism found in Fairborn.
    The following are minuscule samples of the successful results that reflect the patriotic quality of the city of Fairborn and its military families:
    * Greg Johnson, US Astronaut
    * Gary Johnson, Fairborn High School Band Director
    * Robert Zellmer, PhD, Theoretical Chemistry, Lecturer, OSU
    * Bruce Zellmer, DVM, OSU School of Veterinary Medicine
    * Denise Zellmer, Professional Quality Control
    * Mary Gillis, United Way Director, Dayton, Ohio
    * Maureen Hank, Author for Vegas Seven Magazine
    * Katherine Tallmadge, Personalized Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Counselor, TV appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, etc.

    but most of all I would like to point out what the results of being brought up in Fairborn as a member of a military family in a military town.

  2. Edna Crawford

    It has to be Jonesborough, TN.
    Each year it is decorated from one end to the other with patriotic decor.
    Jonesborough is also the oldest town in Tn. Several presidents have stayed in their inn!

    A MUST

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