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The Best (and Worst) Cycling Movies of All Time

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It’s Oscar season, and just about everyone has an opinion on who should go home with the evening’s biggest awards.  In advance of the launch of Foris™, our latest GPS device that helps you hike and bike your way through the outdoors, we’ve been thinking a lot about inspiring cycling movies. We decided to compile a list of the best (and worst) cycling movies of all time.  Do you agree?

Best Cycling Movies:

Breaking Away Cycling Movie ForisBreaking Away (1979) – A family favorite, Breaking Away depicts the story of a recent high school graduate from a working class family in Bloomington, Indiana, struggling to find direction in his life. Infatuated with cycling, Dave (played by Dennis Christopher) wants to be a champion bicycle racer and idolizes everything about the Italian racing team.  Ashamed of his humble beginnings, he struggles to find his real identity, until he enters the “Little 500” bicycle race.  Breaking Away won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay and was nominated for four other awards.

Best Cycling Movie American Flyers Foris


American Flyers (1985) – This powerful film tells the story of two brothers, David (David Marshall Grant) and Marcus (Kevin Costner), who face the possibility of developing a crippling, hereditary brain disease. Realizing they may not have much time left, they decide to embark on a cross-country journey to ride in one of America’s most ambitious races: Colorado’s “Hell of the West.”


Best Cycling Movies Ride the Divide

Ride the Divide (2010) – This documentary follows a small group of adventurous bikers as they race over 2,700 miles of terrain from Banff, AB, to the Mexican border in an attempt to ride the longest bike route in the world.




Worst Cycling Movies:

Worst Cycling Movie Pee WeePee Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) – This cult classic, which turned 25 in 2010, is a story of a bow-tie-wearing, eccentric man whose prized bike: a cherry-red vintage Schwinn with rearview mirrors, metal panniers, and an enormous lion’s face atop the head tube, is stolen while visiting his local bike shop.



QuickSilver Worst Cycling Movie Foris

Quicksilver (1986) – An up-and-coming broker crashes in the stock market and cashes in what he has left to become a bicycle messenger in San Francisco.  Biking the hilly streets of SF quickly turns dangerous after Casey (Kevin Bacon) runs into a street pushing Gypsy who strongarms him into running drugs.


Worst Cycling Movie Ride Like Hell

Premium Rush (2012) – A bicycle messenger, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, is chased around New York City after he discovers the package he is carrying is wanted by a dirty cop.  This routine delivery quickly turns into a life-or-death chase through the streets of Manhattan.



Think we missed one? Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments below!