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Cycling Tourism: Bike Across America in 2013

Group Bicycling

As group biking and bike tours become increasingly popular at hotels and destinations, we know active travelers are looking for extreme ways to make exercise a part of the journey. What better way to see the country than to cycle right across it? Take on these state tours to bike east to west, coast to coast, for the ultimate active adventure.

  1. Kick off the adventure with a bicycle ride across Georgia (BRAG), June 2-8. The 2013 ride goes from Cordele to St. Mary’s with 50-60 miles a day. Camp in local high school gyms or nearby motels and enjoy entertainment, activities, games, and contests with 1,000 fellow families of bikers.
    • Discover Duluth, one of our Most Patriotic Small Towns in Georgia.
  2. Each year Bike Virginia chooses a different general location for its annual state tour with rides of varying length and difficulty. From June 21 to 26, explore the Blue Ridge region biking 60 to 100 miles a day with rest stops, lunch stops, evening entertainment, and the choice between camping or hotel stays. This ride draws about 2,000 visitors to discover Virginia and support the state’s health and economy.
  3. Bicycle Illinois hosts the only tour covering the whole state July 6-13 this year, starting in Cairo and ending in Chicago. Accomplish 500-600 miles on this seven-city cycling event with rest stops every 20 miles and century tours optional. For overly ambitious riders, single day cross-state rides, or RAIL (Ride Across Illinois) are available in June.
    • Add two more states to your trip with Bicycle Illinois’ Tri-State Tour. After completing the Illinois statewide event, bikers can add Wisconsin and Indiana to their accomplishments with an 85-mile, single day tour.
  4. The oldest cycling tour of its kind, experiencing RAGBRAI (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) is a must for traveling bikers. Join the 41st annual seven-day state tour July 21-27. The route is being announced this weekend! You can read reports from last year’s ride from one of our own, too.
    • Plan to be on the East Coast that week? Start at iconic Niagara Falls instead for the 500-mile ride across New York (FANY). From July 21 to 27, this organized group will cover 70 miles a day, climbing around 20,000 feet in the week. Bikers will see beautiful wine country, eat local food, and camp along the way, and all proceeds support Double H Ranch, a camp for children with life-threatening illnesses. Sign up this month!
  5. While the cross-state Colorado ride takes place June 23-29, our east-to-west tour takes you to the Centennial State August 4-10 for the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour (CRMBT). Conquer 469 miles in a week with steep climbs and beautiful views among Rocky Mountain towns. The ride starts and ends in Fort Collins and has a maximum capacity of 500 riders for an intimate community experience.
  6. While you’re crossing the Rockies anyway, pedal west to the Legacy Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Utah (LAGBRAU), August 31-September 7. This eight-day, eight-city tour from Blanding to Springdale stops in a nationally recognized site everyday. See National Parks, Recreation Areas, and Monuments along the 35-70 mile a day route for an unbelievably scenic trek of a lifetime.
  7. A momentous addition to your memorable journey, this year Cycle Oregon celebrates its 25th annual ride. Join over 2,000 fellow bikers for 400+ miles circling from Bly. The September 7-14 ride includes food, beer, wine, entertainment, and even massages. All proceeds support community development and bicycling advocacy in the rural Oregon towns who’ve supported the ride.
  8. You made it to the west coast, but what’s one more ride through Nevada? Add one more state to your feat September 22-28 with One Awesome Tour Bike Ride Across Nevada, or OATBRAN. After the “best” and “most scenic” bike rides of your life in Oregon and Utah, “Nevada’s Loneliest Bike Tour” may sound less inviting, but following the Pony Express route and seeing Lake Tahoe may change your mind. Cover 420 miles in five days in a small group of 50 along Highway 50.

Want to make your own route with states we left out or traveling west to east? Try any of these great tours we left out: