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How to Beautify Your RV Bedroom

One of the best parts about owning an RV is bringing the comforts of home on the road. So why are you sleeping on that junky mattress that came from the RV factory? We’re going to share how to turn a boring RV bedroom into a snazzy comfortable place to catch some ZZZs.

Start with the most important piece in your bedroom: the mattress. Many RV manufacturers ship their RVs with the cheapest mattress available, and how are you going to get a good night’s rest on that piece of junk? Here are four tips for finding a good mattress for your RV:

  1. Measure your Bed – Many RVs have oddly sized beds, so make sure you know the exact dimensions of your mattress before you start searching.
  2. Decide which type of mattress is most comfortable – Some people love the memory foam mattress and others prefer an air mattress. Go into any major mattress retailer and lay down, figure out which type fits your sleeping style.
  3. Decide where to purchase – If you have an RV-specific size mattress you may not have many options. Check the RV superstores, but also check with your local mattress company and Big Box Store. You’d be surprised how much less expensive a mattress can be at one of these places. Sometimes you can even talk to the mattress company and see if they offer a specially sized mattress that may fit your RV. As always, check pricing online to make sure you’re getting a good deal.
  4. Beware of air mattresses – Do NOT purchase a household air mattress for your RV. Since RVs change altitude the mattress may pop during travel. If you want an air mattress make sure it has a relief valve so it doesn’t over inflate when you’re climbing those mountains.

Next, add to the ambiance by losing that harsh overhead lighting found in most RVs. Our favorite things for this are rechargeable candles. Open flames in an RV can be a little scary (and smokey), so set the mood with rechargeable flicker LED candles. With the flip of a switch you have instant ambiance, and best of all, they’re safe and eco-friendly.

Then get sheet spray. Nothing beats climbing into a fresh smelling set of sheets after a long day. Make sure you choose an all natural, relaxing scent such as lavender or chamomile. Two sprays and you’re on your way to sleepy town.

Now lose the factory comforter. We’re sorry, but whoever designs RV comforters should be given a talkin’ to. Trash that ugly thing and shop for something comfortable and inviting. Think of the most luxurious hotel you’ve stayed in and go for that. A simple duvet cover with a luxurious down alternative comforter makes anyone want to jump in bed, cuddle up, and…float off into dreamland.

Remember your partner–he gets warm, she’s always cold, you know the classic debate. For those cool nights when you don’t want to run the heater, try a dual climate heated blanket. The newest heated blankets are safe and many have dual climate controls capable of keeping one side toasty while the other side’s a little cooler. Then everyone is happy.

Who wants more down? Spend some money on that perfect pillow! Don’t cheap out when it comes to the pillow–if it’s too big, not fluffy, or just completely flat, you won’t reap the benefits of that new mattress.

Find blackout shades. If you like to seep in you might need to upgrade those window shades. MCD makes a great roller shade for RVs that have both day and night settings to keep every ounce of light out of the bedroom. Lazy butts rejoice!

The final touch? Music or sounds can really set the tone for your dreams as well as keep a busy mind occupied. So find something instrumental and soothing–that is unless you want to be Indiana Jones tonight!

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