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2012 RV Holiday Gift Guide

So you have an RVer in the family, the holidays are here, and you have no idea what to give them. Giving a gift to an RVer can be difficult with the lack of space inside their home on wheels. As full time RVers, we can recommend the items that have made our travels a little more enjoyable.

For the Directionally Challenged: RVND 7720 LM

Cost: $349
Why we like it: While we haven’t had the opportunity to test out this exact unit, it’s on our wish list. We have the 7710 and love the long list of built in options like campgrounds, rest stops, and points of interest. The new 7720 LM now has all of that plus WiFi, weather, video, and a fuel log. It’s the all-in-one RV gadget!

The Book Worm: E-reader or Tablet

Cost: Ranges from $79 to $800
Why we like it: Between the two of us we have an e-ink reader and a tablet and love them both. With the Tablet we can store all of our books, magazines, movies, and more all in one device! It satisfies all of our multimedia desires without the bulk of a laptop. When we feel like diving into a good novel, we pick up the e-ink reader because it’s easier on the eyes for long periods of reading. They are lightweight and prevent magazines and books from taking up very valuable storage space! More space and less paper make for a no-brainer.

For the Coffee and Tea Lover: French Press

Cost: $20 and up
Why we like it: A French Press can be used for coffee or loose leaf tea; we love anything that’s dual purpose! Most experts agree that a French Press is one of, if not the best way, to taste the subtle differences in coffees and teas. It’s easy to use and you get the richest flavor. You can prepare hot or cold coffee/tea, have simple cleanup, and be eco-friendly. We recommend a double walled insulated stainless steel press, it keeps drinks warmer longer and you don’t have to worry about glass bouncing around while driving down the road.

For the Sweet Blooded: ThermaCELL Insect Repellant

Cost: $35 to $40
Why we like it: Bug bites stink, and Jason’s like a magnet for them. That’s what makes this gift one of his favorite outdoor accessories. It’s very portable, provides a 15 x 15 foot coverage area, and effectively protects against 98% of mosquitoes, black flies (the worst), and no-see-ums. No more deet laden sprays and no more bug bites! Let’s hang outside tonight.

For the Competitive Spirit: Pickle Ball, Corn Hole, and Mexican Train

Cost: $10 to $100
Why we like it: These new and classic games are always a hit at any campground or RV park! Whether you’re looking to bring the party to you or just a little entertainment for your travel companions, these games are easy to learn and provide loads of fun for all ages.

For the Eco Minded: Solio Xcellerator

Cost: Around $100
Why we like it: Solar panels can be expensive and not every day is sunny. The Xcellerator is designed to deliver a rapid charge to any Solio even in low light conditions. The Xcellerator comes with a 2000-mAh HUB battery pack, but it also charges other solio models faster. You stick it on the dash of your RV and it charges the internal battery with the sun’s rays. If your cell phone, e-reader, camera, etc. runs out of juice, just plug directly into the USB port on the solio and voilà! You have instant charging power ANYWHERE! Pretty cool, and a perfect gift for the environmentally friendly or green RVer.

For the Shutterbug: Waterproof Camera

Cost: $200 to $300+
Why we like it: When you RV you never know where you’ll end up, or what the weather’s going to be like. When you arrive at that National Park and it happens to be snowing, are you really going to leave your camera in the car? Panasonic, Nikon, Go Pro, and several other brands now make Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof, and Dustproof cameras that capture crystal clear photos and HD video no matter what the weather’s like outside your door. Believe it or not these extreme little cameras are more affordable than you might think! So go on, take that camera into the waterfall and ‘click’ away!

For the Hungry and Thirsty: Gourmet Food or Drink

Cost: Cheap to expensive
Why we like it: You give a yummy gift, and they consume it. It’s a win-win without woes of storage. If you’re lucky maybe they’ll even share a little with you over the holidays! In case you’re wondering we love wine and chocolate…YUM.

What’s your number one RV-friendly gift? If you’ve received a cool gift or given the perfect RV gift, let us know below. There’s still time to shop!

Happy Holidays.