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RV Doctor: Preventing RV Sewer System Odors

The RV Doctor discusses the best vent caps and other devices for preventing unwanted odors.

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  1. Ken Bowler

    We are just getting into RVing with a new Bullet Premier 22 foot trailer.\
    I am trying to educate myself before we set out, but wonder are grey/black tank smells inevitable with all trailers – is it just a matter of time? I see products like Blue Streak which emits a small amount of chemical into both to fragrance the situation. I also see roof vents like 360 Siphon which can change the direction of air flow to prevent down drafts. Sure seal offers advice on shower protection re: grey water smells. While our new trailer has a shower system installed in the black water tank, is it adequate to keep it clean and prevent refuse from collecting on the tank electrodes. Your thoughts would be appreciated.