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RV Doctor: RV Electrical Cord Quandary

Troubleshooting RV shoreline and extension cord issues.

To have RV Doctor Gary Bunzer help cure what ails your RV, post questions in the comments section. Note that he can only diagnose and offer prescriptions for a select few conditions. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy, not all responses will apply in every instance. Some situations will require additional inspection or testing. Before following instructions or procedures covered in this video series, you must satisfy yourself that products, equipment, and your personal safety won’t be compromised or jeopardized. When in doubt, work with an RV service facility. The advice offered by the RV Doctor is solely that of Gary Bunzer and not of RM Acquisition, LLC d/b/a Rand McNally. Likewise, products and manufacturers provided as examples don’t signify endorsement by Rand McNally.

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  2. Ken Harding

    Question: My 5th Wheel has a 50 AMP power cord. We have an adaptor cord which allows us to plug into 30 AMPs when 50 AMPs is not available. Why do the two pins and sockets on either end of the short reduction cable either melt the rubber or turn the pins a copper color? The Ground pin and socket looks like new. Are the wires in the reduction cable 30 AMP or 50 AMP rated? If 30 AMP rated, why is the adaptor cord UL approved? Shouldn’t the wires in the cord be 50 AMP rated? Where can I get a reduction cord from 50 AMP (female) to 30 AMP (male) with 50 AMP rated wires?