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Updates from RAGBRAI: The Best Laid Plans

On the road just outside Vinton

Day 5: Marshalltown to Cedar Rapids
84.8 miles; 3,576 feet of climb

Like a lot of riders, we came into the week planning to bike every mile of RAGBRAI. This year the heat and a persistent headwind made that very difficult for most people. A strong storm last night drenched the campgrounds, but those brave enough to wait it out were rewarded with much improved conditions today.

A sign on a shop window in Shellsburg--there’s no place like home.

We rode about 25 miles at the end of today’s route, starting in Vinton. We followed the yellow brick road to Shellsburg, which was decked out with a Wizard of Oz theme.

Approaching Cedar Rapids, we coasted our way down shady roads on our descent into the Cedar River Valley. We were welcomed to the home of some friends and sat outside for a cookout before heading downtown to see Counting Crows. Many thanks to John and Michelle for their hospitality!

Daily tally
Pork chops: 4
Ears of corn: 3
Pieces of pie: 0

Today’s fact: The City of Cedar Rapids is still rebuilding and repaving roads from the 2008 flood that inundated the downtown area with more than 8 feet of water.