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Updates from RAGBRAI: Back in the Saddle (almost…)

Hawkeye, Beanie, and Scoots early in the morning on day four.

Day 4: Webster City to Marshalltown
77.1 miles; 1,997 feet of climb

The heat continues; the riders… not so much. Most of us called it a day about 33 miles in. But that still gave us enough of a ride to observe some RAGBRAI traditions. Although the event is built around seven days of exercise, it seldom results in weight loss. There are a number of food vendors who set up along the route every day. One of them is Farm Boys. We ate breakfast burritos at this roadside stand in Kamrar this morning. Imagine biking 12 miles and then eating a burrito with salsa and sour cream, plus a slightly smushed oatmeal raisin cookie, before 7:30 am. In dirty clothes. That is RAGBRAI.

Costumes are another tradition. One particular gentleman rides every year in a recumbent bike with a yellow fabric “peel.” They call him the Banana Man.

A number of teams revamp school buses as their support vehicles/party wagons, like the Team Shagbrai shaggin’ wagon.

Our early start this morning brought us into Story City around 11 am. This town is home to an antique carousel and an old schoolhouse that served as the polling place for the presidential election in 1860. Visitors will find campaign posters for Abraham Lincoln displayed on the walls. However, on this particular day, the main attraction was the pool. And it was exquisite.

Daily food tally
Pork chops: 3
Ears of corn: 3
Pieces of pie: 0
Water/Gatorade: too many to count

Today’s fact: In 1855, the University of Iowa became the first public university in the country to admit men and women on an equal basis.

Stay tuned for day 5!