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Best of the Road’s Travel Channel Debut

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Best of the Road, and it all culminated on Wednesday night.

In case you didn’t see one of the thousands of tweets, posts or emails, our Best of the Road special premiered on Travel Channel Wednesday at 8 pm EST. Our excitement emanated on social media as did the towns’ anticipation. The teams, towns, and crews worked so hard to make the second annual rally perfect, and it paid off with this show.

In case you missed the special (although, why would you have?!), here’s a recap of the hour that forever changed small town America.

It started at the opening ceremony in D.C., where we met our marvelous host, Bert Kreischer, who introduced us to the three rally teams the Travel Channel would be following. Two for the Road would be judging the Most Beautiful small towns, Fresh Traveler would be judging the Most Fun, and the Road Bros would judge the towns that were best for FOOD!

It was as if we were seeing this all for the first time. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the TV, dying to know what each town had in store.

The teams wove their ways through the country with Bert and viewers along for the ride. The Road Bros ate so much we could feel how full they were, Fresh Traveler took us on a roller coaster, and Two for the Road blew us away capturing sprawling towns beneath incredible sunsets.

We were then brought to Seattle, for the final judging. The teams picked the top two towns from their categories and showed us on film why they chose each:

Fresh Traveler: Denton, TX and Delray Beach, FL
Two for the Road: Sedona, AZ and Bardstown, KY
Road Bros: Santa Fe, NM and Charlottesville, VA

Bert gave them some time to think it over (aka, a commercial break), and when everyone reconvened, it was time to hear the winning towns. We were all on pins and needles, as if we hadn’t already heard the winners a few days before.

Fresh Traveler chose…Delray Beach!
Two for the road…Bardstown!
And Road Bros…Santa Fe!

Bert shared his new summer plans, visiting the Best Small Towns in America! And we were left speechless, looking forward to the next year.

It was the perfect end to the rally. We couldn’t have put it together better ourselves. We were as disappointed as anyone to not have all 30 of our finalist towns featured on the show, much less all five of our amazing rally teams, but time constraints and editing are inevitable with the nature of television, and we can’t help but be thrilled with all that the Travel Channel captured. We appreciate this opportunity to bring the celebration of small town America to the homes of thousands of viewers and encourage everyone to follow the rest of the ride through the teams’ videos and blogs at bestoftheroad.com.

So thank you to the Travel Channel, their crews, our teams, the towns, and of course our host Bert! Check out these photos from Best of the Road viewing parties across the country:

The crowd of over 200 that showed up for Bardstown’s viewing party.

The delicious spread in Lewiston, NY.

Fresh Traveler on the big screen!

The crowd that showed up to see Delray on TV. Check us out on all the TVs!

Mayor Woodie McDuffie cutting our congratulatory cake in Delray.

Thanks to Delray Beach, Bardstown, and Lewiston for sharing these great photos with us! And again, congrats to all the teams and towns involved in this year’s rally. We can’t wait to do it all again next year! Are you on the map yet?