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Updates from RAGBRAI: Take it Easy

Day 3: Lake View to Webster City
81.2 miles; 1,657 feet of climb

We did not bike 81.2 miles today. With the heat index on the pavement likely to top 110 degrees for the second straight day, we opted to take it easy and ride the USS Savannah to Webster City. P Diddy and T Dog protested but were overruled. Instead, we slept in and enjoyed our campsite on Black Hawk Lake.

Black Hawk Lake

After a hearty breakfast at a diner in Sac City, we made a visit to the Fort Museum and frontier village in Fort Dodge. U.S. Army soldiers known as the Dragoons built the fort in 1850, and named it after Colonel Henry Dodge, founder of the elite unit.

In the early evening, we pulled into Webster City, which really rolled out the red carpet for this occasion. Bikers and locals milled about Second Street downtown, eating tacos, pork, kettle corn, ice cream, and pie.

Kids’ drawings in the window at David’s Gallery in Webster City

Rock and roll fans stayed up to hear Three Dog Night in concert, and slightly cooler temperatures made for a good show. Pops noted, “You know what’s weird about this concert? When you get closer to the stage, the crowd gets older. Usually it’s the other way around.”

Daily food tally
Pork chops: 2
Ears of corn: 0
Pieces of pie: 1

Today’s fact: The Iowa State Fair in Des Moines is one of the country’s best-known state fairs, attracting more than one million people annually. One of the main attractions is a cow sculpted out of butter. This year, the fair will be held August 9-19.

Stay tuned for day 4!


  1. DuRjoy

    That is a couple outinandstg Old Timers from the Baker Area. They look as though they are really excited about the RALLY. Great work Steve. Will be looking for you again soon.

  2. Teroris

    I traveled the poinrots of the Lincoln highway on Ragbrai thinking about all the years I have spent living next to the road in and near State Center, Iowa. My parents owned and operated the motel in State Center from 1954 to 1959. Upon moving to the acerage east of town, my brother and Dad found an old sign for Green Gable Cabins, State Center. They took it down and stored it in the barn until my folks moved away. I now have it and would like to have it displayed somewhere. I would like to know if there is a history on Green Gables Cabins. Rick Glessner