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Updates from RAGBRAI: An Old House and a Tiny Town

Day 2: Cherokee to Lake View
62.0 miles; 2,173 feet of climb

Last night’s rain brought some much-needed water to western Iowa, but it didn’t quite manage to cool things off for the riders. We got up early and made good time to Hanover Historical Village, which is the site of a former country general store and the home of its proprietors, which was built in 1892. The property also features a machine shed, blacksmith’s shop, and even an old saw mill, powered by steam engine.

General store in Historical Hanover Village

After a breakfast of pancakes, pork, and pickles, we pressed on to Schaller, the “popcorn capitol of the world.” Many thanks to Reggie and the folks at Agri Business Ins. Inc. for the use of their Wi-Fi (and air conditioning)!

Our next stop was Nemaha. With a population of 85, Nemaha is the smallest town on the route, and was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article. I met Matt Quealy waving to riders on the way into town. “I was hoping I’d be quoted in that article,” he said. “I’m the mayor!”

With Matt Quealy, mayor of Nemaha

Several hours later, bedraggled, we made it to Lake City and a shady campsite by the lake in Black Hawk State Park. I hope RAGBRAI’s senior citizens—there are more than you might think—sleep well tonight.

Daily food tally
Pork chops: 2
Ears of corn: 0
Pieces of pie: 0

Today’s fact: Colorful painted quilt squares adorn a number of Iowa barns. To find a map of barn quilts, look for a “quilt trail.”

Stay tuned for more from the bike trail!


  1. Fajar

    I met Glenn on my first day of RAGBRAI in 1985. I rode with him the rest of that week and have ridden with him on six RAGBRAI’s since. It’s great to hear him tnelilg his stories and believe me, this only scratched the surface. He’s got a million of them. One story he neglected to share, however, was the time on RAGBRAI when he was riding alongside two very attractive women, chatting them up and turning on his charm. I was in good shape that year and was able to ride up behind him without him noticing. He was a prime target. I grabbed the back waistband of his bike shorts, pulled them down and hooked them under his bicycle seat. It took Glenn a while to unhook his shorts. Those women saw a side of Glenn I’m sure they weren’t anticipating. I think he laughed about my prank as much as I did. It’s been some time since Glenn and I have ridden together, but it’s always a blast. I’d love to hear more of his stories here, if you get the chance.