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Nik and Dusty’s 2012 BOTR Highlight Reel (VIDEO!)

Greetings all!

We know, we know, we know. The Best of the Road rally has been done and over with for more than a week now. Yet, here we are, still lurking around the BOTR website and posting blogs and videos. We just can’t stop! It may be we’re clinically addicted to Best of the Road… and for that, we’re pretty sure there’s no cure. :)

Seriously though, we are winding down our blogging duties for BOTR, but we certainly wanted to share this with everyone before we finally make our exit. It’s our official Two for the Road “highlight reel” from our BOTR cross-country adventure! Woot woot!

So how exactly do you put a month’s worth of beauty, adventure, fun, and small town love into one, four-minute video? Dunno… but here’s our best shot. Enjoy!


~ Nik and Dusty

  1. Two for the Road

    Awww thanks Ali! Come see us sometime!
    The rally was so much fun – didn’t want it to end! Be sure to watch the show on the Travel Channel on July 25th at 7pm CST. Cheers :-)

  2. ali allison

    I’am sooo proud of dusty and nik!! Way to go u lil cuties!! Y’all are my friends.. friends that are too cute and talented.. xoxoxoxox