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Fresh Traveler’s Secret to Happiness – HAVE FUN WITH LIFE!

Log Yoga at the Top of Multnomah Falls in Portland, OR

Log Yoga at the Top of Multnomah Falls in Portland, OR - our top choice for decompressing.

by Patricia Serrano

We had a lot of fun on this road trip and we are thankful to be a part of something so life changing. We’re going to share with you how we have fun all the time.

I know Anna and I were given the FUN category and were strictly instructed to have nothing but fun 24/7 in all the towns we were visiting, but let’s get real.  Anna and I can have fun if we were dropped off in the middle of an alien planet – as long as there was oxygen… and we’re not hungry, or PMSing.  Just kidding.  We’re SUPER FUN in all circumstances. :)

Get yourself a pass to all things fun!

Anyways, we both know that real fun always starts from within yourself – you need to enjoy whatever you’re doing and find the joy in it.  LAUGH, LOVE, LIVE, and be FREE to express yourself authentically in every possible moment. Life is terribly short – have fun with the time that you have here and enjoy it.

PLAY!  A sport, a musical instrument, a game, a CD, a DVD, a song, whatever as long as it makes you happy.  And also, have a lot of fun friends. The people around you should not bring you down but lift you up.

BE KIND.  To yourself and others.  Everything is perfect just the way it is at the moment that it happens.

ENJOY AND BE THANKFUL for moments (both positive and negative) as well as people who have passed through your life.  ALL the moments in your life (even the negative) that you’ve experienced up until today make you exactly who you are. And remember, you’re exactly the person that you need to be at every moment on your journey in life.  Be thankful and grateful for your journey.

LET GO OF ANGER and FORGIVE.  It takes a lot of energy to hold on to resentment.

FIND PEACE.  In yourself and others.

BE MINDFUL.  Remember, it’s YOU who makes the choices of what to do with your energy, time and money.  Support the people, businesses, and activities that contribute to your life positively.  Life’s too short to do anything but HAVE FUN with it!  And it’s super easy!  It starts with you just DOING IT!  So get in that car and take that trip that you’ve been putting off and have swept to the bottom of your to-do list. We KNOW you can do it! 😉

You know you love someone when you find peace in them.

You know you love someone when you can sit and enjoy silent moments with them.