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The MidLife Road Trip Leap List #BestOfTheRoad …



The MidLife Road Trip is all about ‘Leap’ Lists! We are checking it all out, well, before we check out and having a blast doing it. Four weeks on the Best of the Road rally, was the perfect opportunity for us to cross a few more things off.



1. The rally itself was a Leap List item. A cross country road trip to small towns and getting to know the people that live there has been on our list for a couple of years. Thanks to Ruby, the Honda CR-V, we did just that, logging in over 7200 awesome miles!

2. Meet a General. And we hit the jackpot, we met not only one but two Army Generals!

3. Visit the 1000 Islands. While we were only there briefly during our trip to Watertown, NY and we only dipped our toes in.  So much more to see and do, we plan to go back!

4. Be part of a flash mob. We had a flash mob wake-up call in Texas. It was totally awesome and left us speechless, which happens about as often as a total lunar eclipse.

5. Visit a haunted hotel. We visited several that were said to have ghostly, albeit friendly ‘inhabitants’.

6. We added Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho to our list of states we hadn’t been to, with only a few left to complete all 50!

7. Visit Mayberry aka Mt. Airy, NC

8. Stop by Wall, SD and see what all the hoopla was about

9. See Mt. Rushmore

10. Ride in a Helicopter (1st time for Sandi in Mandan, ND)

11. Eat corn in Nebraska

12. Eat Steak in Kansas

13. Eat an Idaho Baked Potato in Idaho

14. Stay in a mansion.

15. Get the key to a city.

16. See our names on a marquee.

At MidLife Road Trip we have a rule that every time we check something off our list, we have to add something else on.  It’s a work in progress, job security!!

Before the year is out we hope to check off a few more things like:

  • Tug on Carol Burnett’s ear
  • Visit wine country during harvest
  • Drive a convertible down Route 66
  • Drive the Ocsar Mayer Weiner Mobile
  • Hit the Longest Garage Sale
  • Go on a Cattle Drive
  • Go Clamming
  • Go to Fan Fest in Nashville

and the list goes on and on and on and on ……….