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Fresh Traveler’s Honda Leap List

To us, “settling down” is settling our ashes down in our grave.  A leap list is our list of things that we want to do before we “settle down”, whatever that means to you.

We’ll never settle for less than a life fully lived with lots of laughter and lots of love. And you shouldn’t either.

Best of the Road: Fresh Traveler on Lake Erie during the Summer Solstice

So…we knocked out more than a few items off our Honda Leap List this summer.

1 ) Went to towns knowing absolutely nobody and leaving with so many new friends.

2 ) Road tripped 6,000 miles across the US in a fuel-efficient Honda CRV.

3 ) Went to a place called Santa Claus (Indiana) and actually sat on Santa Claus’ lap.

4 ) Flew in a four seater plane over The Fingerlakes in Corning, NY.

5 ) Shot Colt 45 (guns!) while on horseback in Denton, TX

6 ) Snorkeled a 100-year-old sunken ship in Delray Beach, FL

7 ) Watched the sun set into Lake Erie from a private boat during the Summer Solstice in GOTL, OH.  It’s absolutely breathtaking.

8 ) Got sword fighting lessons from handsome knights at 10 in the morning in Buena Park, CA.

9 ) Got followed by the Travel Channel while being treated like queens in all the small towns that we visited.  How are we ever going to be able to deal with real life again?

Still on the to-do list…

1 ) Road trip across South America

2 ) Road trip across Africa

3 ) Road trip across South East Asia

4 ) Road trip across Eastern Europe

5 ) Road trip across Australia

6 ) Sky dive

7 ) Visit the moon