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Santa Fe, New Mexico

By Amanda Pflugrad

After traveling 5,500 miles, the RV crew arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We were greeted by the Road Bros, the CVB, and many community members who were excited for us to experience the flavor of Santa Fe. Since Santa Fe was nominated in the best food category, the town did not waste any time to have us start eating at their local restaurants.

Our first stop of the night was at the Marble Brewery and Tap Room, where three different kinds of pizzas were served to us. After our “light snack” we ventured to the Santa Fe Plaza, where we danced and listened to a Mariachi Band. The CVB thought it might be a good idea to have us quench our thirst after all the dancing by having us be the judges in a cocktail competition. After several rounds of cocktails and four bartenders later, bartender Forrest Wynn snagged the win.

After the mixology competition it was time to taste more of the cuisine that Santa Fe had to offer at Coyote Cafe. Mike, Brian, Gary, and myself enjoyed a five course meal and ended with six different sample desserts. Falling asleep wasn’t too hard that night, being that I went into a food coma.

Approaching the second day we knew what to expect with the portion sizes and richness of each delicacy. Tia Sophia’s was where we started for breakfast and the breakfast burrito was the item on the menu recommended by the chef. Luckily, I was able to finish about half of it.

After breakfast there was a need for a major break from food and to rest our stomachs, so we did what any other person would do–we went horseback riding at the Bishop’s Lodge Ranch, followed by lunch at the Compound.

To wind down the night we finished at Restaurant Martine, which had a great outdoor setting and desserts that were so fresh and light. The venue was lit by Christmas lights creating a perfect relaxed setting for our last night in Santa Fe.

Our first day in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Allison and I at the Farmer’s Market

Horseback riding at Bishop’s Lodge.

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