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Mandan, ND Where the west begins and the patriotism never ends

Mandan, ND is located just across the Missouri River from Bismarck. It is the modern day wild west passing down the tradition of rodeo to generation after generation. Talk to anyone in Mandan, and the first thing they say is “You should be here on the 4th of July” … It is a sight to behold and a gathering of friends and family like no other.

  1. Midlife Road Trip

    It was an honor to visit America’s Most Patriotic Towns! We loved our time in Mandan and hope to visit again soon! Thank you for your incredible hospitality!!

  2. Janice ( Erhardt) Cline

    Thank you Janice Stein for sending this to me….This was a great place to grow up….((*.*))

  3. Preston Zander

    As a current soldier in the U.S. Army Reserves, I believe Mandan is second to none, when it comes to patriotism. There is no place I’d rather be, than back home in Mandan, North Dakota.

  4. Bob Ulmer

    l loved Mandan when I was growing up there from 1936 to 1962 when I left for work purposes. When I am asked where I am from I am always proud to say Mandan, North Dakota. I attended Mandan High school and UND. Would love to return and live out my years left there if I could swing it.

  5. Marlo Anderson

    Thank you Rick and Sandi for visting our Patriotic town.

  6. Catherine Huber

    Enjoyed this video so much, sure makes us homesick for North Dakota.