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How I made my Fourth of July dress from a towel

by Patricia Serrano

Sooo… I didn’t have a patriotic dress to wear for the Fourth of July so here’s how I made my own.

Chillin' like a Villian at this 4th of July Pool Party

1) I got invited to a sick Fourth of July party where I swam in the pool and relaxed.  (see photo above)

Fresh Traveler with our puppy love

2) At this pool party, we were given towels that were red, white and blue with stars on it (see what Anna’s wearing in the picture above) to dry off from our dip.

Gaffer tape - not just for film crews.

3)  I used gaffer tape to shorten my towel to my liking.

4) I took the towel and wrapped it around myself and put on a leather belt around my waist.

5) Voila, my Fourth of July 2012 dress!


  1. birthday

    “Bubble bath and wine”… I’ll have to try that next

  2. FreshTraveler

    Thanks guys, I almost had a couple “malfunctions” later in the night but I managed to pull myself together. I miss you guys and Denton! We’ll absolutely come back to make more fun!

  3. Julie Glover

    I can’t believe it stayed taped and you didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction on stage! lol

  4. Marge

    Good Job, Patricia! Looks great on you! Beautiful!