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Wall Drug…One of America’s Favorite Roadside Attractions!

In December of 1931 Dorothy and Ted Hustead bought the only drugstore in a VERY small town (population 326) called Wall on the edge of the South Dakota Badlands, the “Middle of Nowhere.”  It was an impoverished town, mostly farmers who’d been wiped out either by the Depression or drought. Business was very slow but they were just off the highway and Dorothy came up with the idea to advertise free ice water to thirsty travelers heading to  Mount Rushmore 60 miles away. The rest as they say is history!
Wall Drug started to grow in leaps and bounds. Wall Drug Billboards line the highway for over 500 miles  throughout South Dakota and it’s neighboring states.
To this day, Wall Drug still offers free ice water, but even more popular are the free bumper sticker: “Where the heck is Wall Drug?” “How many miles to Wall Drug?” and “Where in the world is Wall Drug?”.  They also are home of the 5 cent cup of coffee which is on the honor system. Coffee cups next to large coffee urns and a wooden container marked 5 cents. A bargain in 1931 a steal in 2012! It’s kitschy, kooky and a must when passing through!