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(Video) Gainesville: The North Star of Texas

What an honor it was to meet Medal of Honor Recipients Kenneth Stumpf and Don “Doc” Ballard on our trip to Gainesville, Texas. We had a wonderful guided historical tour of downtown, visited the Home Grown Hero Walking Trail, watched the Pedal for the Medal Bike Parade on Medal of Honor Boulevard, and were guests of honor at an ice cream social where we visited with locals and learned what patriotism means to Gainesville.

  1. Don Pettigrew

    It’s hard to argue with thirty plus Medal of Honor recipients who have already declared Gainesville as the most patriotic city in America. My vote would have to be for Gainesville as the Most Patriotic Small Town in America! Sandi and Rick of MidLife Road Trip “get it” and should be voted best road team!

  2. Angie Hare

    ‎13 yrs ago, we were searching for our next call and could had moved to any community, but we chose Gainesville. We were drawn to its people – its pride for the past, its vision for the future, its warm small town feel, its sense of neighborhood, its sense of community and its faithful spirit. We saw (and still see) God working here. My husband accepted the call to our church 12 years ago and we are so very proud to call Gainesville home. “It’s What We Do” (and what we “want” to do)!! God Bless America and God Bless our Gainesville!……Angie & John Hare

  3. Bob Cooper

    Another well done video by a GREAT CREW..