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Two for the Road: Nik and Dusty Arrive in Baker City

So, we left Sedona and headed up toward Baker City through some amazing countryside. It seemed like it just got more and more beautiful with every mile. We got a few hours sleep in Salt Lake City and resumed our drive – we were determined to make our last town on time.

The drive the following day was just as beautiful. Driving through Oregon was just spectacular. When we made the last turn into town, it was pretty awesome. The mountains gave way to a beautiful little valley. We had made it to our final town, Baker City, Oregon. It was a beautiful sight. Baker City sits in the valley between the Wallowa Mountains to the East and the Elkhorn Mountains to the West.  I’m telling you right now folks – it is beautiful.

As we drove into town we noticed two pretty important things. One – the odometer was just turning over to 5000 miles! Two – Hondo was out of gas. So, we pulled into the nearest gas station and Dusty jumped out and started pumping gas. A young guy started literally sprinting across the parking lot shouting “What are you doing? What are you doing”.

Dusty was stunned. “What? What?  I’m just pumping gas,” he said.

The guy was in a panic. “No. No. No! You can’t do that!”

I was so confused. What was happening? What were we doing wrong?

It turns out, you can’t pump your own gas in Oregon. How did we not know this? We literally thought the guy was gonna have a mild heart attack. It was quite the ordeal. But we made it out alive and thankfully with a full tank of gas.

We made our way to the Rodeway Inn down the street – our home for the next couple of nights. That’s where we met up with the manager Suhki Nijjar. She was so sweet and so thrilled to be hosting us! She showed us to our room and it was great! They had set out fresh flowers and several newspapers with different stories about us coming to town. It was pretty awesome! The hotel was so clean and so comfy. We can’t say enough about that. You can certainly tell they take a lot of pride in running their little motel. Thanks for a great stay!

Once we were all checked in, we decided to make our way over to The Geiser Grand Hotel to meet with a  few of the locals. We met up with Tim, Barbara, and Mayor Dorrah for a couple of drinks and some great conversation about their quiet little town. They all have such passion for their community and it showed at every turn during our visit.

After a couple of drinks, Barbara, the owner of the Geiser Hotel, invited us to stay for dinner. And wow! Are we glad she did! We dined like royalty – the two of us, Bill and Lauren, (our film crew) and Barbara. The food was unbelievable! We had spinach artichoke dip and wild mushroom appetizers that were out of this world. When it came time for the main course, Dusty had the prime rib and I had the blue cheese filet. Both dishes were outstanding! Barbara also picked a fantastic bottle of wine that went perfectly with our meals. Wonderful food, wonderful people, wonderful  conversation, an absolute wonderful night.

With our bellies full, we made our way back to the Rodeway for some shut eye. We were super pumped to find out what Baker City had in store for us the next day.

Sweet dreams y’all. More to come  ~Nik