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TFTR: Say Hello to Our Little Friend, Hondo…

So, we have officially driven cross country and landed here in Beautiful Seattle! Woo Hoo! What a ride it’s been!

And speaking of ride, we just wanted to take a little time and introduce you to our ride – Hondo. We feel so blessed to have been chosen to take this ride of a lifetime! And so blessed to have been able to take that ride in a brand new Honda CR-V. In fact, we will probably shed a little tear when we say goodbye to Hondo in a couple of days. He has become part of our little family. :)

From the moment we put the key into the ignition the first time, this little car has never failed us. We felt so safe at all times. (Even with me driving most of the trip.)

From the maddening bumper to bumper traffic in Washington DC, to the empty two-lane roads through the beautiful American countryside. Hondo took us to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. From there over to Danville and Bardstown Kentucky. Then on to Tybee Island (where we drove through a tropical storm), Sedona, Baker City and ultimately here to Seattle.  A shade over 5600 miles in all. And we saw and experienced so many beautiful things along the way.

And just a little side note. Anyone that knows us knows we went a bit crazy a few years ago, literally sold everything we had and decided to re-invent ourselves. In doing so, we sold our brand new cars and downsized to a well-worn 1997 Toyota 4-Runner with 225,000 miles on it, which we’ve driven for the last four years. So needless to say, riding in the CRV for the last month has been a real treat. And we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. It is an amazing road tripping car. Safe. So comfortable. Great gas mileage. And drives like an absolute dream.

So when you get ready to throw caution to the wind and take a roadtrip of a lifetime, consider getting yourself a new Honda CR-V. We think you just might fall in love like we did.

So long Hondo :-( You will be missed.

Next time – we blog our visit to beautiful Baker City! Lots of stuff coming your way today… so keep checking back!