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Car Confidential: Ruby Bids Farewell

We met as strangers on a hot summer day in Washington, DC. I saw the teams walking towards me in their bright Best of the Road shirts all colors of the rainbow, green, orange, blue, purple, and red. And, as I sized them up, foodies, fun, beautiful, friendly, and patriotic I knew immediately who my perfect match was.

Quirky and unconventional as they were, I knew they were the ones. He immediately pushed all my buttons and as she adjusted the lumbar support to her liking, it was a perfect fit. Red. They were the Red team, Rick & Sandi – the MidLife Road Trip, a perfect match for a sassy Honda-CRV named Ruby!

Mile after mile they chatted about their “Leap Lists” and I knew I could take them to places they had never been.  Nothing could stop us, Triple Digit Heat, Tropical Storm Debby, Hail in Nebraska, Dust in the Dakotas we just kept on going. Mile after mile I helped them realize their dreams as they checked items of their Leap Lists! (They’re not getting any younger you know)

It was a 7200 mile journey of discovery, of many firsts, amazing new friends, and lasting memories. I don’t know who my next family will be, or where my travels will take me but the Summer of 2012 Best of the Road will always be the summer that Ruby got her groove on!