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Fresh Traveler on Buena Park, CA

Buena Park is where dreams come true.

Everyone is happy in Buena Park.  Maybe it’s the constant sunshine.  Maybe it’s because Snoopy lives here.  Maybe it’s because you can be anything in Buena Park.  You can be a princess, a knight, or a pirate.  Maybe it’s because you can make a living here as an aerial dancer. And that’s freaking awesome.

It's official: we rule - as the co-queens of Buena Park

Regardless, fantasies come true in Buena Park. Our fantasy of being co-queens came true for about 20 minutes at Medieval Times, a European-style castle where you can watch a two-hour medieval tournament while feasting on a four-course meal.  Here is where we had morning sword fighting lessons from a bunch of the really good-looking knights.  We learned how to swashbuckle and Anna knocked Patricia to the ground!

Anna kills Patricia in front of hot knights.

Anna kills Patricia in front of hot knights.

Buena Park is where dreams come true.  This community shows how every dream can come true with just enough hard work. Take Sandy Garcia for example.  She leads a dance group called the Hi-Tops that consists entirely of members who have a language disorder, autism, Down Syndrome, learning delays, and/or difficulty hearing.  We met some of these guys and they are just spectacular human beings.

Started over 32 years ago as an Aerobic Dance Group, the Hi-Tops perform choreographed dances to music.  Early in their efforts, they were told that they were wasting their time, but they didn’t let that stop them and we’re so glad they didn’t.

The Hi-Tops hula hooping

The Hi-Tops now perform in venues all across the world, including Las Vegas and in New York City, appearing on the talk shows: Oprah and Ellen. Isn’t that just absolutely inspiring? Check out this video of the Hi-Tops performing.

People are fun here.  They are able to muster up the enthusiasm and energy even at 9:30am.  Imagine getting dressed up and just playing everyday as the way you pay your bills.   We’d be incredibly happy too if we got paid to dress up like queens everyday and order people around.  Our first order of business would be to make it mandatory for everyone to ride roller coasters in Knott’s Berry Farm everyday.   Make a habit out of it, like taking your vitamins.  Then we’d have a world full of smiling people.

Fresh Traveler on the Windbreaker

We had our breath taken away by a couple coasters on Knott’s Berry Farm. Anna conquered her fear of heights on The Windbreaker, a ride that is pretty much a sideways ferris wheel. Going up over 300 feet up in the air, the views of the city of Buena Park from the Windbreaker were amazing!

The Silver Bullet at Knott's Berry Farm!

Then we went on the Silver Bullet, a coaster that flips you upside down!  Anna was a little sick after our second round but Patricia found the secret to roller coaster riding – being mellow like jello. There’s no point fighting the ride.  The quicker you relax into the chaos, the happier you’ll be and the more fun you’ll have.  Plus, the ride lasts only a few minutes anyway. Then, there was the Xcelerator, a rollercoaster that goes from 0mph to 88mph in 2.3 seconds.  Now that is a MUST ride!  There’s a moment when you’re plunging straight down and experience zero gravity.  It was absolutely amazing!

Knott’s Berry Farm was so much FUN!  And if you stay at certain suites at the hotel, there’s an option for Snoopy to tuck you into bed!

After a looong day of roller coaster riding, we had dinner with pirates.  Yes, we did!  At Pirates’ Dinner Adventure, the world’s most interactive dinner show.  We were absolutely taken on a fantastical journey into another place.  And watching boys dressed as pirates run around without shirts on was not too shabby.

We get a sweet view from the front row at Pirates' Dinner Adventure.

We also rode on a little choo-choo train that goes through Buena Park Downtown Mall.  It’s a fun weekend ride for the kiddies.  On this express ride, we discovered some cool little stores amidst the staple mall chains.

Choo choo! Onwards towards the shopping!

Biba’s jewelry store for some gold earrings, Patty’s Sweets and Cakes for a Buena Park Downtown cookie, and cool consignment store The Ministry of Exchange for some one-of-a-kind finds.

BPD Cookies from Patty's Cakes and Sweets

Words of inspiration from Bill, owner of The Ministry of Exchange.

In Buena Park, you open yourself to a world of possibilities. You can be a princess. You can be a knight.  You can be a pirate. You can dance with a king. Whatever you choose to do, you will get a high.  There’s just something about this place where you can’t help but just be infected with the enthusiasm and energy of the town of Buena Park.

Check out our video on Buena Park, CA!