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TFTR: Nik and Dusty Experience Spectacular Sedona (VIDEO!)

Howdy everybody! Hope you and yours are well!

So here it is – as promised – the official TFTR video from our Best of the Road visit to enchanting Sedona, Arizona. Take a look - enjoy the ride –  and be sure to read on below for more thoughts and comments about our visit.

[Note from Dusty: Oh... and for many of you, this will be your introduction to the much-heralded "Nikki Green Power Hour." You're welcome. And I'm sorry.]

Awesome, huh? And big THANKS to our super cool, super talented friends Soul Track Mind from Austin, who have been so great about us using their music in our videos. The particular track in this video is called “If I Didn’t Know Better.” Do us a favor. Check out Soul Track Mind, and show these guys some love. Good stuff.

There was so much more to our visit that we couldn’t fit into the video, so many more stories to tell and so many people to thank.

- Our full day in Sedona actually began with the hike. Greg Stevenson from the Hike House in Sedona agreed to meet us at a place called the Crescent Moon Ranch and lead us on a short nature walk. The hike itself was really cool and (obviously) beautiful, but there were a couple of additional surprises waiting for us. For one, Sedona’s mayor Rob Adams actually met us out there and joined us for the hike (great guy by the way)… and then when we reached a spot where the rocks flattened out, we saw that the folks from the Sedona Chamber of Commerce had snuck out there ahead of us, and set up a flat-out fabulous picnic breakfast, complete with blankets, tasty mimosas and phenomenal breakfast burritos from a local cafe called Heartline Cafe. We ate and drank and soaked up the incredible views of Cathedral Rock and the surrounding area. Wow. What a way to start the day.

- A visit to the Chapel of the Holy Cross has got to be on your list of things to do in Sedona. Even if you’re not a “religious” person per se, you’ll appreciate the incredible beauty, serenity and power of the place.

- The Pink Jeep tour is a blast. Our driver and guide Dan was one of the best guides we’ve had on any tour in any place. Funny and knowledgeable, with incredible driving skills and a clear passion for what he does and the area in which he lives. And the scenery? Gorgeous, of course.

- Early in the afternoon (and just before our amazing helicopter ride) we were asked to come to the Sedona airport for a little community get-together and welcome. But when we showed up and walked into the terminal we realized right away there was nothing ”little” about it. Dozens of local folks had taken time away from work, away from home and away from their lives to gather there and surprise us with an amazing welcome party full of cheers, smiles, hugs and live music. (And cake! We got cake!)  It was fantastic. And very humbling. Several local folks got up and spoke about their love for Sedona, and we had the chance to take the microphone and thank everybody for being there. Very cool. But the highlight was, without question, when local Native American musician Kel Mockingbird took to the microphone and welcomed us in his native tongue, and followed up the welcome with a couple of mesmerizing songs on his traditional wooden flutes. We were both so moved, to the point that we had tears in our eyes. So thanks again to everyone who came to say hello. We’re grateful beyond words.

- The helicopter ride with Arizona Helicopter Adventures was quite honestly one of the coolest things we’ve ever experienced. Ever. And our Travel Channel crew, Bill and Lauren, agreed. There was in fact one point during the ride when we quite literally and collectively shouted OH MY GOD! because we were so completely awed by what we were seeing. Our pilot Floyd was absolutely fearless. Freaking fearless, we say! He flew us through rock formations and into canyons where we never thought a helicopter could fit, much less fly. It was stunning. Spectacular. And something we’ll always always always remember.

- We had dinner that night at an ever-so-aptly named getaway resort called Enchantment. Myra and the team there took phenomenal care of all of us, treating us to a few bottles of amazing wine and several courses of indescribably delicious food. And the setting was just about as gorgeous as you’ll find – not just in Sedona – but anywhere. It’s tucked away in lovely Boynton Canyon, where the area’s Native Americans believed life itself actually began. And just being there you feel the overwhelming power and beauty of the place. Save us a room, Myra. We’re coming back. :)

- On our second day in Sedona we spontaneously and happily stumbled into a dream come true. (How awesome is that?) We just happened to be walking past the office of Red Rock Air Tours, when the manager invited us to take a complimentary biplane tour over the area. Giddyup! We’ve been lucky enough to fly in all kinds of aircraft during our travels, but never a biplane. And to get this opportunity was flat-out incredible. We met our pilot, Pete, at the airport about an hour later and he loaded us up and gave us another phenomenal air tour over the town and the red rocks and surrounding canyons. So thanks everybody at Red Rock for the opportunity!

- Lastly, we want to thank Jesse and Greg and the rest of the crew at L’Auberge, where we stayed during our time in Sedona. We’ve never felt so spoiled. :) The room, the view, the food, the drinks, the creek, the feeling. It was simply fantastic. Do a search for L’Auberge Sedona and check it out for yourself. See the photos. Read about it. And when you get the chance, spoil yourself with a few nights’ stay there.

And one more time, thanks to Jennifer, Kegn, and the rest of the team from Sedona who coordinated our visit, put up with our B.S., and made sure our every need was taken care of. We (clearly) loved our time in Sedona and sincerely hope to return and spend some real time there. See y’all then!

Take care everybody! Still more to come…

~ Nik and Dusty


  1. TwofortheRoad

    Thanks everybody! Sedona is truly one of America’s most beautiful small towns :-)

    • Euridice

      Absolutely stunning shots! For Canada Day this year I was out on a small saliaobt on the water trying to get a few photos of the fireworks impossible really, but fun to try.Thanks for commenting on my latest session on Flickr! I had a lot of fun and appreciate all of your wonderful notes.Namaste,Michelle.

  2. Raquel

    I’m still here!!! Love love love y’all and miss y’all and am completely jealous! Bring us back a token of love ;-) CELEBRITES!!!

    • TwofortheRoad

      We will definitely do that! Miss y’all. Can’t wait to see ya soon :-)


    Last year, my husband and I were in Sedona (loved it). He wanted to go for a ride on the bi-plane, at the last minute he chickened out. Next year, we are going back, was the bi-plane scarey? I think he should do it.


    • TwofortheRoad

      We have to admit Karen, the biplane was a little scary. But also very amazing and thrilling. If you have light tummies, go with the helicopter. It is just incredible!! But if you’re up for a little more adventure, go for it! We’re so glad we did :-)

  4. Loraine and Carroll

    Sedona is awesome and so.o spiritual. We live in Maine and have traveled to Sedona 16 times so we definitely think it is the “Most Beautiful Place in America!” whether you are hiking, dining, taking a jeep tour, shopping, meditating or just relaxing with a cup of coffee. Views are everywhere.

  5. gregory roper

    Great article. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to show you just the crux of Sedona. There is so much more that may only be uncovered on a day to day basis.

    Safe travels!


  6. Jana

    :) luv it!