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Best of the Road: Fresh Traveler on Denton, TX

Reckless, irresponsible, and even possibly dangerous…. but SO MUCH FUN!

Watch out: Fresh Traveler will blow your brains out!

Doing reckless, irresponsible, and possibly dangerous activities seems to be the consensus of what fun is in Denton, TX.

Day 1. We’re fitted with cowboy hats and boots, given Bloody Marys, put on horses and then handed guns in 100 degree heat.  Yes, we felt that adrenaline rush after our first few shots at the balloons.  That was hella fun. Yes, we felt powerful and strong. Yes, we thought our cowboy instructor, Marcus Wadley, was cute.  Now, Anna wants to ride horses and shoot guns everyday.

Patricia thought she’d get killed out here in cowboy country. And that almost happened when we were thrown into roller derby at The House of Quad.  Patricia’s possible death was made more probable by the fact that Patricia had never roller skated in her life.  Now not only did she have to stand on wheels, but she was expected to hit other people (mostly bigger and more intimidating women with lotsa tattoos) while trying not to sprain her ankle.

Best of the Roadkill: Roller Derby in Denton, TX

After getting over the initial fear, she found the sport to be very empowering.  Instead of girls crushing her as she originally expected, they were incredibly supportive and cheered her on every time she fell down.  And she fell down a lot.

The people are really fun here and go out of their way to be hospitable.  “Southern Hospitality” they call it.  It’s incredible.  We were welcomed into people’s houses like we were part of their immediate family.

A fun carrot cake from Hannah's Off the Square in honor of the orange team!

Denton also has a surprisingly kicking music scene .  At the crux of this is Dan’s Silver Leaf, a live music venue that’s bumping even before sundown.  Anna was happy to meet so many talented musicians outside her hometown of Nashville.

The music scene is really fun here thanks to the presence of the University of North Texas’ College of Music.  Music-wise, Denton is Austin’s overlooked kid sibling. There are so many talented musicians who live here.  If you’re looking for a jam band, you can stick your toe out in the street and find one. 35 Denton is their annual walkable 4-day music festival that takes place every March in the heart of downtown.  Every Thursday in the month of May and June, Denton hosts the Twilight Tunes concert series around the amazing Denton community market.  Anna was even invited to sing while Patricia shopped the market and cooled herself with a popsicle from Pawleta’s Popsicles.  Check out Anna and Patricia’s fun finds!

Anna performs at Twilight Tunes in Denton, TX

Love Denton and Recycle!

Mayor Mark Burroughs told us that this city makes their own fun and it’s true with the plethora of homegrown homespun creations, from Beth Marie’s Homemade Ice Cream (they even made us a special Fresh Traveler flavor!) to soaps to jewelry to popsicles, Denton’s idea of fun is absolutely for the independent and wild-at-heart.

Beth Marie's KW Sundae in the special FreshTraveler flavor: coconut curry jalapeno

The people in Denton are pushing the envelope in so many different ways.  As a local whispered into our ears one night, “old hippies don’t die, they go to Denton.”  True that, absolutely true that.

Video of all the FUN we had in Denton coming soon!