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Two for the Road: Nik and Dusty’s Big Time on Tybee (NEW VIDEO!)

Okay! Okay! So we’ve been asked a hundred times already!

“So how did Tybee turn out? What happened with Tropical Storm Debby?”

Well friends, we not only survived the storm in Tybee Island, Georgia (obviously)… we actually managed to have an incredible time during our visit – especially when the sun finally came out. So here it is – the official Two for the Road video from our two days living on “Tybee Time!” Enjoy, then read on below the video for a few more details and pics from our wonderful Tybee experience…

See! Told you we had an excellent time!

In fact, we don’t know how our time on Tybee could have possibly been better (considering the circumstances of course). We got so so so so lucky that Debby moved out quickly and gave us another 24 hours of plentiful sunshine and splendid weather so we could soak up the true (albeit abbreviated) Tybee experience.

A few noteworthy thoughts that weren’t included in the video:

- The Tybee Island Light Station is a must. A must. You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful, more complete, more historically accurate light station anywhere in the US, or possibly the world. And the walk up really isn’t that bad. Literally just a couple of minutes. And once you take in the view from the top, you’ll agree the climb is absolutely worth every step.

- After our tour of the lighthouse and a driving tour of some of Tybee’s beautiful neighborhoods, we all gathered at a terrific local restaurant called Marlin Monroe’s, where once again we were treated to copious amounts of incredible food, along with cold beers and what seemed to be bottomless glasses of tasty mojitos. (Our thanks to Jenny and the staff there for a great time and all the great food!) That’s also where we met Tybee’s mayor, Jason Buelterman (who happened to be the surfer guy we interviewed in the video – far out, huh?) as well as Tybee’s most loved, most opinionated and most notorius resident – the Queen of Tybee Island – Roma Harper. Roma rules Tybee from her throne – which is actually a chair in front of a local beach-side place called Fannie’s – where she chats up the regulars daily, and scolds the kids who dare to ride their skateboards on the sidewalk. Though not one to be trifled with, Roma is a sweet, funny, and very charming lady. An absolute blast to sit down and talk to. We ought to do a whole video just on Roma. Hail to the Queen!

- When you watched the video you may have noticed an inordinate amount of seaweed and other natural debris covering the beach and washing up in the surf. All of which was a direct result of Tropical Storm Debby slamming the island the previous day. So when you see that in the video, know that’s not normal for Tybee. Just wanted to make sure we let everybody know that.

- Tybee Time is the real deal. We swear the clock ticked quite a bit slower while we were there. It was great.

- And mad props to the guys at A-J’s, another popular Tybee restaurant where we were treated like royalty the night before we left. Excellent food, great down-to-earth people, and you can’t beat the sunsets. In fact, that beautiful sunset you see in the video was taken literally right next door to A-J’s. We actually were in the middle of eating dinner when we saw the sunset, ran out to the car to get our cameras, and started shooting right then and there. And it was a hundred times better than the beautiful shots you see in the video. Awesome stuff.

And one more time, thanks thanks thanks to everyone on Tybee who took care of us in the storm and made sure we had an excellent time on the island, rain or shine. You guys are a wonderful bunch of folks and your island is a beautiful little gem. Almost hate to tell people about it actually, because once you visit Tybee you feel a certain desire to protect it. (Yep. It’s one of those kinds of places.) But if you get the chance, you gotta go. So do it. And see what Tybee Time is all about.

Cheers gang! Next time from Sedona, AZ!

~ Nik and Dusty

  1. Zina

    Susie and Stuart, Thank you loved my stay and I miss you both,I would love to get used to your breakfast every minrong,,, sad I’m back to cereal, At least I got the chance to live a few days like a queen with Stuart’s bkf. and not be in hospital. If I can get my husband on a plane we will be bacl to see you maybe in the fall or next spring..Thank you both for treating me like family I felt like I was leaving my sister behind and my brother in-law also. Love to you both

  2. Riley

    Layla & Kevin,I’m so excited to hear ya’ll are on Tybee. I live in Savannah and have been flowloing your blog for awhile now and was super excited to see you back near me again. I can’t wait to see the finished Mess Hall. Looking forward to the E-Zine.Jenny

  3. TwofortheRoad

    Jana a honeymoon???? What? When? Wow! Pray tell! Love you :-)

    • Ajay

      We LOVED this We LOVED this cottage! Just beihnd Officers Row on Tybee and close to the light house. For a more peaceful, quiet Tybee experience. The cottage has a great layout for kids and the porch is wonderful for hanging out at night and catching some sea breezes. Short walk to playground and beach!

  4. Jana

    Again, my choice for honeymoon! Your feature was terrific and well put together. Glad you survived Debby and look forward for Sedona AZ video. Go Two for the Road!

  5. Janet carter

    Tybee island is one of the most beautiful spots in the world . My family and visit at least three or four times a year. The people are so friendly and very welcoming. I tell everyone to visit Tybee was it is the best small town in AMERICA!!!!!

  6. Steve Garrett

    We LOVE Tybee Island since we bought our place there over 12 years ago. You are definitely on “Tybee Time” the minute you cross the Bull River bridge and head out to Tybee !! Bingo at the Legion on Friday nights, A.J’s any night, IGA to stock up on food, to the Ice Cream Shack before calling it a night. lol
    It has been our little hideaway for many years and hopefully many years to come.

  7. Kate

    Tybee is a wonderful place and deserves all the accolades!

  8. Tamra Kinzel-Wood

    Wow…what a beautiful place. Although Debbie wasn’t so nice…..every one else looked so friendly and the alligators looked fun. I think not only does Baker City have some serious competition…..I wanna go to Tybee. Maybe all of us small towns in the category oughta just become sister cities and visit each other….and you guys are such a blast to watch. Some of these adventures look a little uhhhhhhh….adventuresome. Gators and helicopters….oh my…hehehe that’s a lot of excitement.