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Bardstown, Kentucky

By Amanda Pflugrad

Continuing our trip through the Midwest, the RV crew stopped in Bardstown, Kentucky—the Bourbon Capital of the World. Bardstown was nominated in the beautiful category, so naturally our morning consisted of a tour of the town after indulging in great food at Mammy’s Kitchen. However, sightseeing wasn’t all that was scheduled. In fact, the trip served to be very hands on.

During the afternoon tour, Two for the Road and I participated in a milkshake competition at the Hurst Drugstore and Soda Fountain. The goal of this friendly wager was to see who could make the best good old-fashioned milkshake.  The judge was none other than our RV driver Bob Bailey. Unfortunately, in our escapade to create the milkshakes, mine was not chosen as the winning shake, instead the title went to Dusty Green with his orange creamsicle concoction.

Venturing to the Bourbon Capital of the World wouldn’t be complete without touring the headquarters of Maker’s Mark, located in Loretto, KY just 17 miles outside of Bardstown. While we were there we learned the distilling process for bourbon. The shelves were displayed with the signature Maker’s Mark bottles dipped in red wax. Souvenirs of cups and hats that were also dipped in the red wax were available for sale.

Even though the taste of bourbon is too strong for my liking, I did not pass up the opportunity to hand dip the Maker’s Mark bottles into the red wax. The process of dipping requires a certain skilled technique, which consists of dipping the bottle neck halfway into the wax and then slamming it on the table to create the drizzle effect. Maker’s Mark was our last stop in Bardstown but a very memorable last stop. We were even able to take the bottles home. My bottle will be stored as a keep sake though I can’t say the same for the other crew members!