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ADD Detour to Spook Hill … Ruby Rides ….

Spook Hill is located in Lake Wales, Florida and is officially recognized by the town with prominent signage on North Wales Drive explaining “The Legend” of Spook Hill and how you and YOUR car can experience the mysteries of going uphill backwards.

The story explains that years ago an Indian village on Lake Wales was plagued by a huge gator who was eventually killed by a Chief, who was a great warrior. During the epic Gator/Chief battle, a small lake was created and eventually the chief was buried on its north side. Back in the day, mail riders discovered their horses were struggling down hill, and this is where the name “Spook Hill” got its name. Once the road was paved, it was discovered cars coasted up hill suggesting the gator is seeking revenge, or perhaps the chief still trying to protect his land …

At any rate, it was off the beaten path and we decided to let Ruby give it a try. See for yourself …

  1. Rick Griffin

    LOL Cate! We have totally bonded with Ruby. She’s one of us now:)

  2. Cate Colgan

    Don’t know what’s spookier – Spook Hill or that Ruby has caught the “ADD Detour” from Rick and Sandi! Love these posts by Ruby Rides from the http://MidlifeRoadTrip.tv – great coverage/perspective ! Keep them coming!