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Nik and Dusty’s Excellent Bardstown Adventure (VIDEO!)

All good things come to those who wait, right?

Sheesh! Waiting sucks, if you’ll pardon our French.

But after being beset a few days by pesky technical issues, the video from our amazing visit to wonderful and beautiful Bardstown, Kentucky is finally here! Woot Woot!

Enjoy, then read on for a few final thoughts…

OH! And two things before you watch: mind the volume on your computer at first. And be sure to stick around to the very end of the video!

Okay! On with the show…

Very cool, huh?

There’s so much more from our visit that we couldn’t fit in the video, including the time we spent making old-fashioned milkshakes at Hurst Drug, and dipping our own bottles in wax at the Maker’s Mark distillery. Hopefully some of that will make it on the Travel Channel show, because it was all very visual and very very very fun.

We so enjoyed our time in Bardstown. Can’t say that enough. What a special, special place! Thank you everyone for being so good to us, making us feel so special and showing us such a terrific time. You guys will always have a special place in our hearts, and we know we’ll be coming back to see y’all again sometime.

And as we leave Kentucky, we’d like to express how much we loved, loved, loved our overall time in the Bluegrass State. Danville and Bardstown are both wonderful places, and the beauty, hospitality, and charm of Kentucky is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. So make it a point to visit sometime! You’ll be so glad you did. :)

Cheers everybody! See you next time from Tybee Island, GA!

~ Nik and Dusty

  1. TwofortheRoad

    We are definitely feeling the love from Bardstown! It’s been so wonderful reading all of your comments! Thanks so much for riding along on this amazing adventure with us! This program is so incredible for all the small towns we’ve visited. And we are so honored to have been a part of it! Cheers!

  2. Lisa nowaskie

    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit in Bardstown.  You two seemed to be good people and fit right into our beautiful town!  We are proud of all the community has to offer and want everyone else to fall in love with Bardstown too!

  3. Tina

    Love the video, Come see us and enjoy our beautiful town. it is a great place to live.

  4. Bill C.

    What a great video, you displayed our Beautiful Bardstown, the community we live in and the wonderful people that make up our town.
    Thank you for sharing us through your Rand McNally’s “Best of the Road” adventure.

  5. Matthew

    Mark Twain once said he’d never met a Kentuckian who wasn’t on his way home. This Bardstown native hasn’t lived there in a decade and your trip brings back many good memories. I hope you enjoyed Bardstown as much and I enjoy being from there. If I can’t make the case for Bardstown (Kentucky in general), I’ll let our nation’s 5th President, James Monroe, say it for me, ““He loved Kentucky, … He thought this was the prettiest country in the world.”

  6. Sherry

    Great job presenting Bardstown to the public. It is a great place to live, so much so we chose to move here.

  7. Dick Heaton

    We really enjoyed your visit and glad you had such a great time in Bardstown. We love entertaining our guests. Dick

  8. Mary Ellen

    Glad you had the chance to experience just a little bit of what Bardstown is all about. Please come again and see more. We are a welcoming and caring community. The video is awesome!

  9. TwofortheRoad

    Wow! It’s wonderful reading all of your beautiful comments. It makes us miss Bardstown even more. Thanks so much for giving us your feedback!

  10. Donna

    Thanks for visiting our home. Loved the video! Hope to see you back soon.

  11. Beth

    Thanks for the great video! We are glad you enjoyed Bardstown!

  12. Terry

    Love the video! It was such a pleasure to have Nik and Dusty visit Bardstown and find it so refreshing and one of the BEST small beautiful towns on the Best of the Road Tour. They got to see and feel first hand that the people of Bardstown are very friendly and make you feel right at home. Bardstown is a winner regardless.

  13. Rob Hamilton

    What a great video, just wish it were longer!

  14. Betty

    I am one of a rare breed, the “brought backs” in Bardstown. Moved when I graduated from HS and after 30 years, realized that I was just plain homesick. Came back to my beloved hometown & never looked back. So glad you enjoyed your visit!! We do have the bestest spot I’ve ever seen!!

  15. Lisa

    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit in Bardstown. You two seemed to be good people and fit right into our beautiful town! We are proud of all the community has to offer and want everyone else to fall in love with Bardstown too!

  16. Roger

    Great video. Hope you guys can come back and enjoy bardstown again. The scenery here is beautiful; but, its the people who make it the best small town in america.

  17. Donna

    Wonderful video! It really captured the heart and soul of our beautiful town.

  18. Betty

    What a fun video! So glad you all enjoyed your visit to Bardstown. Cheers!

  19. Tommy Reed

    It was great having both of you here. We would love to have you return for a couple of good bourbons and water. The excitement that the Road Show brought to Bardstown was great. Wishing you well in all your travels.

  20. Vivian

    Great video and glad you enjoyed your visit! This is a great place to visit and an even better place to live!

  21. JIM H

    What you captured on your video was the enthusiasm that all of the citizens give to all events and charities that make this such a “BEAUTIFUL” town. Time and time again this community has shown great support for the United Way, The Guthrie Opportunity Center, the Red Cross Hero’s campaign and many others. Thanks for capturing the real beauty of this community……..the heart of the people. Great job Nik and Dusty

  22. John B.

    Love the video’s I’ve seen so far. Thanks for putting Bardstown out there for everyone to see.

  23. Hunter

    Thanks for coming our way Nik and Dusty… Great job on the video!

  24. Peggy

    Great video! We’re so proud that ya’ll came to visit here in Bardstown. We all love our town and and always eager to share with others! Ya’ll come back! :)

  25. Jim

    Great video.. Thanks for making Bardstown one of your stops on the tour. You experienced only a small portion of our town so please come again.

  26. Diana

    Great video! Just a glimpse of why we love Bardstown and those who call our beautiful town home! Come back and see us again soon!

  27. Bill

    I didn’t know it was possible, but I’m even more proud of my sweet hometown after seeing this video.

  28. Jessica

    Love the video and Bardstown! It is truly a beautiful town!

  29. Sue Downs

    Great video of Bardstown. Glad you came to visit us. Your video captured the essence of our town and people.

  30. TwofortheRoad

    Wow! Thanks to everyone for all the kind words! We are feeling the love from Bardstown! Y’all rock! Every one of you! Thanks for following! Cheers :-)

  31. Jan

    Looks like you all really enjoyed your time in our beautiful town! We have so much fun in our beautiful town every day, but your visit was extraspecial! You know Bardstown is your new Kentucky Home!



  33. Dorothy White

    Awesome! We really enjoyed meeting you and having you visit Bardstown – now you know why we KNOW it’s the most beautiful small city in America!!

  34. Balloon Lady

    What can we say?? Except a big honkin “Thank You” for coming to meet us, and see us, and laugh with us! Once to you come to our “Old Kentucky Home” in Bardstown…it’s now YOUR Old Kentucky Home too! Please come back for the Kentucky Bourbon Festival too….we miss you! (Miss Trudie, Kit and the gang)

  35. Jeff

    Awesome to see such a professional production that looked like fun to make, too! We hope to see you again!

  36. Melissa

    Awesome! Love Bardstown!

  37. Dave

    Great video of a great visit. It was very good to meet two fantastic reps for the Rand McNally company. Bet they’re as proud of you as we are of our town!

  38. Stephanie

    So glad you enjoyed your visit! We loved having you here. I have traveled and lived all over the country, and have yet to find a place more beautiful, welcoming and with such hometown pride as Bardstown. It truly is THE Most Beautiful town in Amercia!

  39. Derrick

    This is an awesome video! Thanks for visiting Bardstown!

  40. Lisa

    The video of your visit to Bardstown is wonderful! You most definetly captured the friendliness, community & beauty of our small town. There are so many more “Jewels” in Bardstown’s crown, we hope you will return soon & often to experience them.

  41. Ed

    Great video! We’re so glad your visit was spectacular.

  42. Richard Nest

    Nik and Dusty, in September 2009, we also visited Kentucky, enjoyed a vacation in Bardstown [bourbon festival] and everything in this video we enjoyed first hand. Great video. But the proof is in the pudding. On the two day drive back to Maine, we decided to sell everything and move to Bardstown, Kentucky. We bought our home the following July and the rest is history.

  43. Richard Nest

    Nik and Dusty, in September 2009, we also visited Kentucky, enjoyed a vacation in Bardstown [bourbon festival] and everything in this video we enjoyed first hand. Great video. But the proof is in the pudding. On the two day drive back to Maine, we decided to sell everything and move to Bardstown, Kentucky. We bought our home the following July and the rest is history.

  44. TwofortheRoad

    Thanks y’all. We enjoyed our time in your beautiful small town! Hope to visit again someday ;-)

    • Terry

      Yall come again real soon – Ya Hear!!

  45. Hutch

    Thank you all so much for highlighting our town. The surronding areas of the county boast wonderful agritourism oppurtinities such as wineries and you pick pumpkin patches. We have great rivers for canoe and kayak trips, amazing civic organizations, and great schools.


    This was very professionally done and my friends and I really enjoyed watching it,
    Great place to spend your life.

    Cathy Gartland

  47. Fred and pat

    Great video!

  48. Carol

    Thank you for sharing pictures of our beautiful town. When I was a very young teen we moved here against my wishes. When my parents moved again a couple of years later I stayed, Bardstown has been my home since 1955 and I am very proud to say I am from here.

  49. gus

    Enjoyed the video.

  50. gus

    Hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed having you with us.

  51. Mary Carey

    Love the video…You Made Bardstown Look Even more Beautiful!
    Thanks, Mary

  52. Rob G.

    Great Video, loved having you all visit Bardstown.

  53. Madeline Downs

    Great video, we are very proud of our town and its great people.

  54. paul

    Great video. very entertaining.

  55. Kathy

    We are so excited for our little town to be visited by you guys. I have lived here my entire 50 plus years and am so proud to say my children and grandchildren were raised in such a beautiful place. I’m glad you guys saw the beauty as well. The video was simply adorable. Thanks for coming!

  56. rob

    Bardstown was a great video and looks like great place to visit

  57. Dee

    What a wonderful video!! It just touches on the things that makes it such a fabulous place to visit and live!

  58. TwofortheRoad

    Awwww. Thanks y’all! We had such an amazing time in Bardstown. Loved loved loved meeting all of you wonderful folks! Hope to come back again someday when we have more time :-)

  59. Mike

    Awesome video! It was great having you as our guests in beautiful Bardstown. Come back soon!

  60. Davis

    So glad you were able to experience all the beauty that Bardstown has to offer. We are so proud of our little town and the people who call it home. Hope you will return soon!

  61. sadie

    The people and places in Bardstown are BEAUTIFUL! What a great video spotlighting some of the highlights.

  62. Kim Rogers

    Great video! Hope you come back and visit soon!

  63. Dawn

    Loved the video…especially that cute little boy making his video debut. :) Miss you guys!

  64. Erin

    Great video! Absolutely loved having you in Bardstown! You are both awesome and we hope you come back and visit again soon!

  65. Anne

    I love watching these videos!! You all did a wonderful job, as did the BOTR RV crew. I am so proud of my town and so glad you all were able to visit us! An unforgettable memory!!!

  66. Jana

    Nice job, BirdNik (or is it NikBird?) Your videos made me want to travel to Kentucky for sure.

  67. Kim

    Loved it! We may have to adopt it as our new official community video. It made us miss you guys even more.

    • Eddie

      Glad to see that you got to meet the Bloon lady. See a hoot. Hope that ya had a great time in the best small town in America. BARDSTOWN