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Road Rants: Ruby gets a spa day

Car Confidential: Ruby Speaks

 2800 miles and Rick and Sandi were workin’ my last nerve. Thank the good Lord for sound proofing and xm satellite radio. Between her incessant chatter and his ridiculous air guitar solos I had a good mind to leave them at south of the border. And then, there was Enterprise, Alabama. They must have sensed my water pressure starting to rise and they surprised me with a spa day. Fluids replenished, tire pressure monitored, I was washed, waxed, and gussied up with a fabulous pair of Car Lashes.  I was ready to rumble.

It was time for me to shine!!! So off we went to Sam Boswell Honda for a round of speed dating.  And then it happened. I came bumper to bumper with a shiny, dark handsome CR-V named Bo, Bo Weevil. Our headlights met and our engines purred but this Alabama cutie would just have to wait. Team MidLife Road Trip has 2800 more miles to go before this Honda honey settles down.