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TFTR: Nik and Dusty Explore Danville, KY (VIDEO!)

Hey y’all! Great news!

Our video from our fun-and-beauty-filled visit to lovely Danville, KY, is finally finished! Check it out here, and try not to get car sick from Nik’s driving… hehehehe


As you can tell, we had an excellent time in Danville and we want to thank everyone there for being such warm, gracious, and lovely hosts. Can’t wait to go back!

And by the way, the opening music for the video was provided by another one of our favorite Austin bands, Soul Track Mind. That particular track is “I Get My Groove From You.” Check them out! And if you ever get the chance to see these guys at a live show, jump on it! One of the best shows you’ll ever see. Thanks fellas!

Stay tuned! More to come from the road… :)

~ Nik and Dusty


  1. Paula Fowler

    Nik & Dusty,
    LOVED having you here! I moved here from Maine – it was actually my second time back to Kentucky. Danville has been home since 2004 and this part of the state reminds me of northern Maine with its fields, farms, small towns and friendly people. Best of all, it still has four seasons – but MUCH milder winters, a longer spring and fall, and great summers.
    I hope you get a chance to come back and see all that you didn’t have time for in your short visit, Herrington Lake, Great American Brass Band Festival, Pioneer Playhouse, Forkland, Penn’s Store, a world class production at Norton Center….
    And our Main Street at Christmas is beautiful! Norman Rockwell could have come here during any season and would have painted to his heart’s content!
    Hope your other visits are going well!

    • TwofortheRoad

      Thanks Paula! We loved spending time in your beautiful small town. And thanks for all of your help as well. It was so great meeting you :-)

  2. TwofortheRoad

    It’s so cool to hear stories from all of you about your lives in Danville. It truly is a special place! Thanks so much for following :-)

  3. Keith Rayne

    I spend a week twice a year with Brad and Cindy and it is always the best time! It is a very cool place!

  4. Sherri Gowins

    So glad you were able to stop by for a visit! Please come back soon!

  5. Sue James

    My cousin lives in Danville (Betsy and Marshall Wilt). They sent me this nice video and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. There is so much more there is to see that is not on the video. People will have to just make a trip to see for themselves!

  6. Bill Griffin

    Perfect brief video describing our little oasis. A resident and business owner now for 14 years. The kids are all gone but I’m pretty sure this will remain home, permanently.

  7. Melissa Newhall

    We had to move away from Danville in 1996, and now live in Wisconsin. I still miss my hometown, and am so glad that our oldest son decided to go to Centre! I am so proud of this town.

  8. Sharon

    So glad that you enjoyed the town that we call home! Great friends & fun are never far away in this little town. We are glad to share our special place with the rest of the country via you and the crew! God bless!

  9. Mona Wyatt

    Congratulations on really capturing the essence of our small town. You did a beautiful job sharing us with the rest of the world. Hope you’ll come back to see us again soon.

  10. Joel Zieve

    Love it – what a fun video! And a great town that we get to visit twice a year!

  11. Deby Keller

    My husband and I moved here in 2005 from Sacramento, California. I was widowed last month and had to make the decision on whether to return to California with family or stay here. I chose to stay here—-I love living in a small town!

  12. Beverly

    Hilarious. I NEVER drive. I plan, I pack, I prepare…..I RIDE baby! If my husband doesn’t have socks on a trip it is MY FAULT but I’m ok with that! ;) Have fun! We are heading out on a 2 week road trip to Wyoming tomorrow with our kids (3) and (9)! Enjoy the end of your trip!

  13. Two for the Road

    Thanks for the comments! We enjoyed our time in Danville and hope to come back real soon!

  14. Bob Stovall

    Great video, Nik and Dusty. It was so nice to meet both of you here in Danville. Too bad the time was so short. You are welcome back at any time. My wife and I have been living here for nine years and can’t think of anywhere we’d rather live. The town and the people are fantastic. In addition to being the most beautiful small town in America, it’s the friendliest place I’ve ever been!

    • Almesam

      You WON in my book. You guys did an AWESOME job these last three weeks. With all of the responses I’ve read from the plecas you visited, you touched many hearts. GREAT JOB! You are my #1 team!

  15. Kate O

    Danville is an amazing small town! Our family loves to visit Danville every June for the Brass Band Festival, an incredible music event. The music entertainment for the weekend can’t be beat.

  16. Steve Hoffman

    Great video! We are so glad you enjoyed your time in Danville. Today I celebrate my two year anniversary moving here from Monterey, California. People look at me like I’m crazy for making that move. I invite them to visit Danville and see how beautiful and amazing this town is and then they’ll see. They’ll see…. Come back any time!