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Watertown, NY Where Patriotism is a way of life! (VIDEO)

Watertown New York most patriotic small town in america

A rousing welcome from the citizens of Watertown

With just a few hours notice before our arrival, Watertown, NY, the 1st small town on our Most Patriotic route, jumped into action and we were whisked away by a police escort as we drove into town & were taken to the Army’s 237th Birthday Ball! The excitement continued over the next 2 days as we toured the North Country, met amazing people and heard incredible and heroic stories. In Watertown, NY Patriotism is a way of life!

  1. USO Fort Drum

    I really enjoyed meeting Rick and Sandi. So glad they were able to stop by to see the power of volunteers mixed with the generosity of patriotic Americans at work at the USO Fort Drum. Since 1941 the USO’s mission has been to lift the spirits of America’s Troops and their families. Thankfully the Watertown community helps us greatly with our mission. Every day we do good works with donor dollars. Rick and Sandi happened to catch a special “Dad’s Day Giveaway” on Father’s Day 2012. Since Watertown residents speak loudly through patriotic deeds as well as meaningful words, I do believe we have the Most Patriotic Town in America.

    Safe travels Rick and Sandi. Thanks for supporting our Troops!

    Karen Clark
    Director, USO Fort Drum

  2. Jennifer Hodge

    The goal of Operation Yellow Ribbon in the greater Watertown, NY community is to ensure visible signs of support for our men, women and families of the Armed Forces. We were more than thrilled to show Rick and Sandi the Most Patriotic Town in America and that is reflected here in the video compilation they have produced. Thank you for making us your first stop and I hope you walked away with the notion that for Watertown it is not just about red, white and blue, but rather patriotism is a way of life for our community. Happy travels!