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Rogue Riders first night in Frisco TX!

With a population of over 125,000 Frisco, TX  is the largest of the most friendly towns Rogue Riders has yet encountered – and indications were EVERYWHERE that this town was over twice as large as our previous town – Joplin. Pulling off the freeway we immediately see the Dr. Pepper Stadium, a newly built impressive baseball facility embeded within a network of hotels and boutique shops. This is our rendezvous spot for a Rogue Rider surprise planned by  Frisco, TX.


With only minutes to spare, we scan a foreign place for a foreign person for an event that is time sensitive. Luckily, we see a little hand barely visible over the parked cars waving to anybody who will respond.  It was Jennifer from the Frisco TX CVB!  She has two phones multitasking while handing us our Rough Rider baseball jerseys, excusing herself for leading us in a jog and informing us about the first pitch we were about to throw tonight.  We are ushered down to the field where someone official looking hands me a brand new baseball and asks, “are you nervous”?  I thought to myself as I looked around, “shoot… do I look nervous?” Instinctively, I start to tell myself, ” you played little league… You got this.”  The official looking person’s voice starts registering again, “so… they will announce you and then you throw” as she nudges me out in front of a thousand captivated eyes without waiting for any response.  In a blur… I step up to the plate, pause, access all little league files, dig my lead foot into the finely groomed mound and  STTTTRRRRiike!!!  What a rush!  Sitting down with a hotdog, only to hear Jen and Marla – our CVB guides for the night – tell us, “this is just the beginning and we have to go”.

I’ve been in Frisco for an hour and there is no time to waste! Just down the street from the Rough Rider’s ballpark where the other half of Frisco is hyped, is the FC Dallas pro soccer field.  In the same fast-n-furious fashion, we are wardrobe-changing past the crowds into our personalized soccer jerseys. Jen’s eyes light-up as she finds out that the game will be influenced by the flick of her little finger.  Jen is doing the coin toss at midfield for possession!  It’s heads!!! And FC Dallas gets the ball! With so many attractions for fun, families, and friends, it’s time to go again.

We arrive at Kenny’s Burger Joint. Kenny’s is a local hang-out for food, drinks, and home t0 the biggest burger on earth –  The “El Jefe”.  I’m pretty sure the El Jefe burger has little burgers that orbit it, I mean only two men have  defeated the El Jefe. It takes a fifty dollar ante, a full hour to finish, and the support of everyone in the restaurant. It’s not only big, but delicious! I tackled a quarter of the challenge and remain in the restaurants hall of shame.