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Road Rants: Car Confidential … Ruby takes an ADD Detour to Mount Airy, NC

Ruby here ….

As we wound our way down highway 81 from Watertown, NY through Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and finally North Carolina the conversation was centered around Rick and Sandi’s childhood memories and these two have more memories than a Barbara Streisand song …..

They’re prone to ADD detours and today was no exception .  Mile after mile, all that reminiscing about growing up and watching TV took us to Mount Airy, NC otherwise known as Mayberry. It was just a few miles off the highway and away we went! I’ve always liked a man in uniform and Andy’s Patrol Car still tools around town looking just like he did back in the day when Andy and Barney Fife were there keeping the folks of Mayberry safe.  I thought why not, I’ve been known to turn a wheel or two ….  and that gorgeous hunk of metal has aged well, more than I can say for Rick and Sandi.

We parked on Main Street, in the center of town. And I looked good. Shiny and new,  I’m a conversation starter and those two need all the help they can get. Park me in a prominent spot and head lights turn, horns honk and on occasion another bumper gets a little too close to mine. I’m not that kinda Honda ….

They walked the town and I waited, my Best of the Road flags a flappin’ in the Mt. Airy breeze. They ate at the Blue Bird Diner, stopped by Floyds Barber Shop, sauntered past the hardware store and into the bake shop. The got a fried peach pie and me, I got crumbs!

It was finally time for rubber meets the road and away we went … Next stop: Duluth, Georgia!

  1. Sandi

    Well g-o-o-o-l-ly! Hope you told Goob Andy says “Hey!” Loved that show, but who didn’t? Small-town values. Reminds me in a way of our town!

    Can’t wait for you to be in Gainesville, Texas! To add to what everyone else said, you’ll be remiss if you don’t go into The Main Street Pub and Eatery at least once. They are renowned for their rainbow trout. Their walls show a great history of Gainesville as well. So much to do and see in Gainesville. How will you do it in two days? You just may have to come back sometime!

    See you Monday! I’ll be the one waving the flag! ;-)

  2. Jackie Zimmerer

    Glad you enjoyed Mayberry…uh…Mount Airy, NC! Looking so forward to ya’ll coming to Gainesville, Texas next week! Besides the Fried Pie, Gainesville’s square has a wonderful little eatery by the name of Sarah’s on the Square. There’s also several little shops including Pass Time (a quilt shop), and an antique store, too! Then there is Frank Buck Zoo just to the west of town along with Leonard Park and the community’s memorial to those who died in the service of our country. On Veteran’s Day there is the most amazing fireworks!

  3. Pauline Lesch

    And while you’re enjoying the Fried Pie Co. in Gainesville, Texas, you’ll be right there on the Square, enjoying an awesome view of our newly-restored, 100-yr. old Courthouse. It’s a gem. Be sure to go inside!

  4. Paige

    Nostalgia and Hometown, America are what I live for. Glad you guys made the detour. (p.s. That sandwich looks killer….and if you like Fried Pies you must visit the Fried Pie Co when you stop in Gainesville, TX which is its own version of Mayberry. Then hit the fried pie stop just off the highway in Davis, OK on your way back north. Totally different, but both totally great.)