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Amanda talks with Two for the Road in Jim Thorpe, PA

By Amanda Pflugrad

Our third stop on our cross-country journey was in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania to connect with team Two for the Road.

Nikki and Dusty Green are a married couple in pursuit of the most beautiful small towns in America. The couple is enthusiastic to have been picked to explore the beauty route. Dusty has plotted their adventure on the road since the kickoff.

“It’s a mixed blessing having the most beautiful category,” Dusty said. “There is so much beauty to see, but there is just no way to get it all in. We wish we had more time.”

Nikki revealed reasons as to why she was excited for this category.

“This was the only category where we had not been to any of the towns on the route,” Nikki said. “In a way we are starting with a clean slate and everything is brand new.”

The couple, who hails from a small town outside of Austin, Texas, chose to participate in the rally to get back in touch with their small town roots.

“We wanted to be a part of this journey to put these small towns on the map,” Dusty said. “To experience a once in a lifetime vacation while we are at it, well it’s amazing.”